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developers team

With over nine years of experience, we are passionate
Ruby on Rails developers with expertise in different areas.

Evrone team and Yukihiro Matsumoto (Ruby creator)
conference RailsClub 2016


We have organized and carried out 38 conferences about technology's we work with. It gives us the possibility to receive necessary knowledge improve our skills and share our experience.


We always try to stay on the crest of a wave and became experts in
the newest things. Our developers
are experts in the most popular JavaScript frameworks and the newest versions of Ruby and RoR.

Best solutions

We help our clients not only
build a great product but grow the business. We know how to turn an idea into a product and then
turn a product into a success!

Quick facts:



Our repository quiet_assets was downloaded 10.1 million times — the new version of Ruby on Rails will contain it as a standard gem.



With over ten years of experience in web & mobile development, we created over 100 unique & challenging projects from different areas.



Almost half of our clients come back to order another product.



Evrone is steadily growing and developing how a team consisting of the best specialists in the field of the web & mobile development.



San Francisco, Berlin, Moscow, Voronezh



We have organized and carried out 38 conferences about Ruby / Ruby on Rails and functional programming languages.

We work hard to solve your problems

Define & Planning

When you have an idea and turn to us for help we start our work from planning. We understand, that good plan is the basis of the successful project.

Research & concept

We note all features and set key goals of the project including business goals. After this, we start researches by which we will create a concept of the product.


On the basis of the concept, we build working prototype of the future project. It will help us to understand the best way of an implementation of the selected concept as well as identify possible shortcomings.


Next stop — the design office. Here will be created a design of the future product. When design ready and approved, we start developing — it’s time to write code!


After the completion of the main works of the creation of program parts, the product moves to the quality control specialists. Their task is to verify the stability of the project and its compatibility with various platforms.


Once testing complete, we launch finished product and continue to maintain and update it.

We not only create new but also help to improve the existing projects.
Our developers and designers are always ready to help you with existing product: they will review your code and design and improve it if it's necessary. Or they will work on your project with your team and improve its performance.

Our structure

Analytics department

Here, our specialists are working on the business strategy and system architecture to find the best way of the implementations of the products of our clients.

Development office

Сollaboration of our designers, developers, and project managers — a place for creative and skilled people in which your product will be created.

Testers team

We test our products. Before the project is realized, it should be checked for stability and possible errors. Only after that we will launch it.

People say that you need Hipster, Hacker, and Hustler to build a startup.
For nine years, we have assembled a team of cool hackers, advanced
hipsters, and go-getting hustlers. What makes these people to work together
and build great startups? The answer is simple — we just love our work.
Oleg Balbekov
Co-founder / CEO
Business development executive faces a number of challenges.
We help your business grow, satisfy your client’s requirements
and find the best and fastest solution for that.
To keep healthy relationships is our primarily goal.
Anton Cherepanov
Business Development Executive
Compliance with the rules of the process of developing
and testing the software. Agile methodologies. Work on the result.
Focusing on achieving clients’ business goals.
Basic rules of team work.
Yuriy Gurzhiy
Co-founder / COO
Design — it is a process. The successful design is possible
if the process built properly — from brief to implementation.
In our projects, we aim not only to organize a perfect process
but also make the customer part of the team.
Sergei Anenko
Design Lead
Front-end — a tangible result, with which users face when they
open the project in the browser. We use the most advanced
solutions and tools to build interfaces. Interfaces which will work
equally well on all browsers and on all platforms
Dmitry Karpunin
Front-end Lead
Here at Evrone we don’t like to burn our fingers twice. That’s why we constantly review and analyze our activity. We investigate and adopt the most superior approaches and solutions. That enables us reaching our clients goals without reinventing the wheel.
Alexey Likhachev
Modern web development is not about simple sites anymore. It is about complex industry grade projects that include multiple sub-projects and microservices operating in dynamic cluster environments. Here at Evrone we keep up with modern trends. We develop wide range of projects in different areas ranging from E-commerce to Blockchain.
Alexandr Kirillov
Chief Technology Officer
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