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QA Consulting & testing Services

At Evrone, we are committed to elevating the standards of software quality. As a QA services company, we have worked on numerous projects, making sure that each one surpasses the expectations of quality, functionality, and reliability. Our mission is to deliver software that works well and provides a flawless experience to the end-users.

Our secret sauce? A comprehensive, start-to-finish QA and testing process that we have perfected over the years. From the start of a project, we assess needs, set up tailored frameworks, and guide our clients through the maze of quality assurance. Our suite of services doesn't stop at the initial release; we do continuous testing to make your software evolves as your business does.

With our flexible & experienced team, we take over every challenge with cutting-edge tools and time-honored best practices. With Evrone, your software is built to last.

Our QA Services

Here’s a closer look at our offer:

Software QA Consulting

We provide actionable insights and recommendations to perfect your software's quality and performance.

Offshore Software Testing Services

Extend your QA capabilities with our offshore team. We offer a flexible and affordable solution to help you achieve progress and quality assurance around the clock.

QA Outsourcing

Hand off the QA process to us and focus on your core business! Our services include test planning, execution, maintenance, and reporting.

QA Automation Testing Services

Improve your strategy with our automation services. We design and implement custom automation frameworks to speed up the process & increase accuracy.

Managed QA & Testing Services

Our managed services take the hassle out of QA. We handle the entire testing lifecycle and provide continuous quality improvement and alignment with the latest industry standards.

Agile Services

Perfect for dynamic development environments, our Agile testing services integrate with your Agile processes. The quality is maintained at every sprint and release.

QA & DevOps Testing Services

Want faster releases with high quality? Add QA to your DevOps pipeline.


Testing Types We Perform


Functional Testing

Every feature works precisely as intended. We test scenarios to validate the functionality against defined requirements

Compatibility Testing

Our tests span across devices, operating systems, browsers, and networks to make your software deliver a consistent experience, no matter the platform

Localization Testing

Global software needs a local touch. We scrutinize your application to make it resonate with users in different regions, testing for language, cultural nuances, and local standards

Performance Testing

Speed and stability under various loads are what we aim for in performance testing. We simulate different environments and user loads to make your application stand strong, no matter the pressure

Usability Testing

An intuitive user interface sets good software apart from great. Our usability testing focuses on the user journey, making your application functional and convenient to navigate

Accessibility Testing

We build inclusive products and test against international accessibility standards

Security Testing

We fortify your application's defenses, identify vulnerabilities, and secure your application from potential threats


Meeting Every Industry Need

QA & Software Testing Process
Customer Request
Initial inquiry with project vision and goals
Defining All System Requirements
We'll carefully examine your technical needs and business goals to ensure they work hand-in-hand for success
Detailed, Development-Ready Specs, Time, and Cost Estimates
Finalizing project blueprint, timelines, and financial plans for clarity
Team Assembly
We bring together the perfect team of testers, developers, and leaders to turn your vision into reality
Active Development
QA process begins, transforming specs into a functional project
Rigorous checks to ensure functionality, reliability, and security
The completed solution is launched and handed over to the client
After Release Support
Continual help to tackle any new needs or improvements as they come up

Your Advantages with Evrone

We contribute to the success of your software projects. Here's what makes us different:



We integrate advanced automation and expertise, and cut down on testing times. This allows for quicker iterations and more time dedicated to refining your product

Accelerated Time to Market

With Evrone, speed is of the essence. Our Agile testing methodology means your product moves from concept to launch without sacrificing quality or functionality. The rapid delivery helps you stay ahead in the industry

Minimized Project Risks

We don't just identify bugs; we anticipate them. Our proactive strategies reduce the likelihood of errors, protecting your project from unforeseen setbacks

Consistently Superior Outcomes

Our testing protocols are designed to catch even the smallest issues. And you get a product that stands out with great performance & security


Why Choose Us?

  • Team of Professionals

Our team is made of industry experts who bring creativity, skills, and dedication to every project. Our team philosophy ensures that we deliver solutions not just to meet but to exceed your expectations.

  • 15+ Years of Experience

With over a decade and a half in the industry, we've become professionals across various sectors, offering depth of knowledge and insights.

  • Software Lifecycle Predictability

Our methodology ensures predictability in software development and enables us to deliver projects on time and within budget.

  • Cost-Saving

Our approach to development emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness and leads to significant cost savings for our clients without cutting corners.

  • Quality and Expertise

At the heart of Evrone is a commitment to quality and rich expertise, which allows us to tackle complex challenges and deliver great solutions.

  • Complex Delivery Experience

Our portfolio covers a wide range of projects, from simple applications to complex enterprise solutions. We can handle diverse and challenging delivery requirements.

  • 2000+ Successfully Completed Projects

Our experience across industries underscores our capability to understand and fulfill unique project demands effectively.

  • 100+ Clients Worldwide

Our global client base is a testament to our versatility and ability to deliver results that resonate across different markets and cultures.

Client stories
The most impressive thing about team is their ability to find solutions to our issues and willingness to take on any challenge. We’re satisfied with the work that has done for us on both the development and testing sides on our platform. They were easy to work with, responsive enough to feedback, and met all the milestones within the budget and time.
Mark Lavie
Director, Lavtech Computers Inc., Badoo Group


Why Invest in Software Testing and Quality Assurance?
Investing in software quality assurance is important if you want to build a product that your users love. Testing your software helps to identify any bugs or performance issues before they reach your customers, boosting reliability, user satisfaction, and ultimately, the success of your project in the market.
Does Quality Assurance Fall Under the Umbrella of Testing?
Yes, quality assurance is a vital aspect of testing. While testing focuses on identifying defects in the software, quality assurance is about a broader strategy to prevent issues from occurring in the first place. QA practices help to establish a quality mindset throughout the development process to create a flawless product.
What Key Elements Contribute to the Success of Quality Assurance?
The success is usually based on several factors, such as a well-thought strategy, skilled professionals, effective communication, and the integration of advanced tools and technologies. Focusing on these elements helps deliver a quality product that aligns with user needs and business goals.
What's the Timeline for Conducting Software Testing?
It varies depending on the project's complexity, the scope of testing required, and the specific goals you aim to achieve. We begin by understanding your needs and project details, which allows us to provide a more accurate estimate. We aim to deliver thorough testing within a timeframe that aligns with your project milestones and launch plans.
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