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Swift App Development

Our passion for innovation is matched by our expertise in using the latest technologies to create outstanding digital experiences. As a leading Swift mobile app development company, we blend art and technology and bring our clients' visions to life with precision and creativity.

With years of experience, we are transforming ideas into real-world products that meet customer expectations. At Evrone, we forge long-term partnerships with our clients and offer maintenance, optimization, and iOS Swift app development services to keep their products at the cutting edge of technology and safety.

Our reputation as a top Swift application development company is built on a foundation of trust, expertise, and dedication to providing the best service possible. By cooperating with us, you gain a competitive advantage & benefit from our team's experience, innovative strategies, and a customer-centric approach that prioritizes your needs and goals.

Our team of experts uses Swift, Apple's programming language, to design and develop applications that stand out.

Why Use Swift for App Development?

Here's why choosing Swift for app development is a strategic move:


Highly Scalable

Swift's modern, concise syntax and advanced features make it perfect for building complex applications that are easier to scale. Swift allows for expansion and adaptation as your business grows and your app's requirements evolve. Making your app scalable means it can grow and change without needing big changes later on

Better Protection and Efficiency

Its design is focused on safety and performance. Its strong typing system and error handling reduce the chances of crashes and bugs. Focusing on safety and efficiency makes developing the app easier and gives users a better experience overall

Fast Apps Optimization

Its compilation technology and syntax encourage faster code writing and execution. This results in swift application optimization, and it runs faster and more smoothly on devices. The language helps the app run smoother by handling multiple tasks at once and taking care of memory. This means your app can handle big jobs without slowing down

Open Source

Since it's open-source, lots of developers work together to make it better. This means bugs get fixed fast, and there are tons of tools and help available. Your team can stay up-to-date and get support from the community

Dynamic Libraries

Swift supports dynamic libraries – chunks of code that can be linked to an app. This means that apps can be lighter and faster, as they can load the code they need on the fly. In Swift, dynamic libraries are set up with versions, so they work with older versions and let you update apps fast without redoing everything

Our Swift App Development Services for iOS

Our expertise covers the full app development cycle, from concept to launch and beyond.

Custom Swift App Development

We develop bespoke Swift applications that are scalable, secure, and high-performing. We carefully study what you need, use flexible development methods, and test everything to make sure your app is even better than you hoped.

Prototyping & Wireframing

Before we start building, we make rough drafts and sketches to see how the app will look and work. This helps us fix problems early on and make sure the final app is just what you want.

UI/UX Design

Our design team creates easy-to-use and nice-looking interfaces that make using the app better. We make sure your app is beautiful and user-friendly, promoting engagement and satisfaction.

Support and Maintenance

Launching your app is just the beginning. We help keep your Swift app current and in line with what users want, and we're here to fix any problems that come up. This includes regular updates, performance optimization, and quick bug fixes.

Consulting Services

We're experts iOS Swift app development services and we offer advice on everything from starting a new project to improving an existing app. If you're unsure about something, we're here to help you figure it out.

Outsourcing Swift Developers

Evrone offers you Middle & Senior outsourcing Swift developers to scale your team or an independent team that can bring your most complex and incredible mobile app.

Industries We Serve

App Development Process
Customer Request
Initial inquiry with project vision and goals
Defining All System Requirements
Thorough examination to identify both technical and business requirements, making sure they match up with your goals
Detailed, Development-Ready Specs, Time, and Cost Estimates
Finalizing project blueprint, timelines, and financial plans for clarity
Team Assembly
A dedicated team of experts is formed, combining the right mix of developers, designers, and project managers to bring the vision to life
Active Development
Coding begins, transforming specs into a functional project
QA and Testing
Rigorous checks to ensure functionality, reliability, and security
The completed solution is launched and handed over to the client
After Release Support
Ongoing assistance to address any emerging needs or optimizations

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Evrone for your backend development means partnering with a visionary leader and an award-winning Swift iOS app development company. Here’s why we stand out:

  • Team of Professionals

Our team is made of industry experts who bring creativity, skills, and dedication to every project. Our team philosophy ensures that we deliver solutions not just to meet but to exceed your expectations.

  • 15+ Years of Experience

With over a decade and a half in the industry, we've become professionals across various sectors, offering depth of knowledge and insights.

  • Software Lifecycle Predictability

Our methodology ensures predictability in software development and enables us to deliver projects on time and within budget.

  • Cost-Saving

Our approach to development emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness and leads to significant cost savings for our clients without cutting corners.

  • Quality and Expertise

At the heart of Evrone is a commitment to quality and rich expertise, which allows us to tackle complex challenges and deliver great solutions.

  • Complex Delivery Experience

Our portfolio covers a wide range of projects, from simple applications to complex enterprise solutions. We can handle diverse and challenging delivery requirements.

  • 2000+ Successfully Completed Projects

Our experience across industries underscores our capability to understand and fulfill unique project demands effectively.

  • 100+ Clients Worldwide

Our global client base is a testament to our versatility and ability to deliver results that resonate across different markets and cultures.


What Are the Benefits of Migrating My Apps from Objective-C to Swift?
It can enhance performance, safety, and maintainability. Swift offers a cleaner syntax, improved safety features, and faster code execution, which can reduce both development time and potential bugs. Also, Swift's compatibility with Objective-C allows for a gradual migration process, and your app will benefit from Swift's advancements without a complete overhaul.
How Does Evrone Manage Communication and Support Throughout the Development Process?
Right from the start, we appoint a project manager who will stay in touch with you and provide frequent updates. Our approach includes structured meetings, progress reports, and accessibility for queries and feedback. We offer maintenance and updates to ensure your app remains up-to-date and efficient.
Can Evrone Assure the Security of Swift-Developed Applications?
Swift itself incorporates several security features designed to minimize vulnerabilities, such as strong typing and automatic memory management. Our development practices further bolster app security, incorporating encryption, secure coding standards, and thorough testing to protect your app from threats.
Are Applications Developed in Swift Scalable Alongside My Business Growth?
Swift's design facilitates scalable app development, making it an ideal choice for growing businesses. Its performance optimization and efficiency support the development of applications that can easily adapt to increasing user demands or expanding functionality. Our team focuses on creating scalable architectures to make sure that your Swift app can evolve in line with your business.
What Does the Typical Timeline Look Like for a Mobile Swift App Development Project at Evrone?
It varies based on complexity, features, and specific client requirements. However, our agile development methodology enables us to offer flexible and efficient timelines. After an initial consultation and project scope definition, we provide a detailed timeline estimate. Basic apps might be ready in a few months, but bigger projects could take from six months to a year to make sure everything is done right.
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