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Backend Development Services

The backend is the base of any software application. This is where all the magic happens: data processing, security measures, business logic, and server interactions are orchestrated to deliver high-performance experiences to users. The backend is the engine room of your product, it powers everything from the simplest applications to complex systems.

As a leading backend app development company, we at Evrone specialize in building custom solutions tailored to meet the requirements of your business. Our team is skilled in the latest technologies, frameworks, and best practices and builds scalable, secure, and high-quality backend systems for you.

Whether you're looking to make your existing backend infrastructure better or develop a new backend system from scratch, our team has the skills and experience to deliver solutions that drive performance, scalability, and business growth. Let us help you navigate the complexities of backend development and transform your vision into reality!

Backend Development Explained

Backend development is the art and science of building the server side of websites and applications, a crucial component often unseen by users but integral to the functionality and performance of any digital solution. Backend development is about building and maintaining the technology that powers the user interface, including databases, servers, and applications. Developers manage the database through queries and APIs, check data exchange between the server and the users, and implement the business logic that dictates how data is processed and stored.

A well-constructed backend can handle high volumes of transactions and user requests without a hitch and make sure your product remains responsive and reliable under any load.

Moreover, backend development lays the foundation for a secure digital environment. With potential cybersecurity threats, a solid backend infrastructure is critical in safeguarding sensitive data and protecting against breaches. 

What is more, scalability is a direct benefit of proficient backend development. As your business grows, your digital infrastructure can be scaled up to handle increased traffic and expanded services without compromising on performance. This flexibility allows your business to adapt to market changes and customer demands.

Evrone’s web development services are designed to equip your business with a backend that ensures your digital solutions are functional and future-proof.

Our Backend Web Development Services

Our services are designed to address the needs of businesses to ensure that every digital solution is a step ahead in innovation. Our range of services includes:

Custom Backend Development

We use the latest technologies and frameworks to build systems that make efficient data management easier, facilitate integration with other software, and help you build an architecture that supports your business operations.

Mobile App Backend Development

With the development of mobile usage, having a strong backend for your mobile applications is really important. Our team can develop a backend that guarantees fast and reliable data synchronization between users' devices and your servers, which perfects the user experience and engagement.

Web Applications

We build powerful backend systems for web applications that can handle complex functionalities, massive data exchanges, and high user traffic. We focus on creating a fast and scalable backend that supports the dynamic nature of web apps.

Prototyping & Wireframing

Before starting development, we help visualize your project through prototyping and wireframing. This step helps you understand the user flow and backend requirements and make sure that the final product is aligned with your expectations.

UI/UX Design

While primarily focused on the backend, we understand the importance of a convenient user experience. Our UI/UX design services guarantee that the frontend integrates with the backend, providing a smooth and intuitive user interface.

Support and Maintenance

Our relationship with clients doesn't end at deployment. We offer support and maintenance services so that your backend remains up-to-date.

Consulting Services

If you're planning a new project or looking to improve an existing one, our consulting services provide expert insights into the best strategies, technologies, and practices.


Our Technology Stack

Have a look at our technology stack:

Databases (just a list):

  • Redis
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • AWS Dynamodb
  • Cassandra

Platforms (just a list):

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Amazon Web services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Digital Ocean

Tailored Backend Solutions


Enterprise Solutions

Our solutions enable large organizations to manage complex processes and large volumes of data efficiently, driving operational excellence

TCRM Development

It helps businesses manage customer relationships more effectively with personalized experiences, improved customer service, and better sales processes. The benefits are: better customer insights, increased loyalty, and higher conversion rates

SaaS Platforms

We enable businesses to offer cloud-based services that are accessible anywhere and anytime. This model offers flexibility, reduces costs associated with software maintenance, and provides a steady revenue stream through subscription models

Blockchain Platforms

Our blockchain solutions offer security, transparency, and efficiency for transactions and data management. Ideal for industries that require tamper-proof records, such as finance and healthcare, they enhance trust, and reduce fraud

IoT Platforms

By integrating IoT platforms, businesses can make use of real-time data from connected devices to optimize operations, improve customer experience, and create new service models. This leads to better operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, and innovative product offerings

Custom CMS

A custom CMS will help you manage your digital content with greater flexibility, improved SEO and functionalities. This results in better content management, user engagement, and online presence

eCommerce Apps

We focus on creating easy shopping experiences with secure payment integrations, scalable architecture, and engaging UI/UX. Benefits are: higher sales, better customer loyalty, and the ability to scale as the business grows

Payment Integrations

They are crucial for online businesses that want to grow customer satisfaction, reduce cart abandonment, and provide the security of financial transactions

Development Process
Customer Request
Initial inquiry with project vision and goals
Defining All System Requirements
Analysis to outline technical and business needs, and guarantee alignment with goals
Detailed, Development-Ready Specs, Time, and Cost Estimates
Finalizing project blueprint, timelines, and financial plans for clarity
Team Assembly
A dedicated team of experts is formed, combining the right mix of developers, designers, and project managers to bring the vision to life
Active Development
Coding begins, transforming specs into a functional backend
QA and Testing
Rigorous checks of functionality, reliability, and security
The completed portal is launched and handed over to the client
After Release Support
Assistance to address any emerging needs or optimizations

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Evrone for your backend development means partnering with a visionary leader in digital solutions. Here’s why we stand out:

  • Team of Professionals

Our team is made of industry experts who bring creativity, skills, and dedication to every project. We deliver solutions not just to meet but to exceed your expectations.

  • 15+ Years of Experience

With over a decade and a half in the industry, we've become professionals across various sectors, offering great knowledge and insights.

  • Software Lifecycle Predictability

Our methodology guarantees predictability in software development and helps us deliver projects on time and within budget.

  • Cost-Saving

Our approach to development emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness and leads to significant cost savings for our clients.

  • Quality and Expertise

We are commited to keeping the quality high and providing rich expertise, which allows us to tackle complex challenges and deliver great solutions.

  • Complex Delivery Experience

Our portfolio boasts a wide range of projects, from simple applications to complex enterprise solutions. We can handle diverse and challenging delivery requirements.

  • 2000+ Successfully Completed Projects

Our vast experience across industries highlights our capability to understand and fulfill unique project demands effectively.

  • 100+ Clients Worldwide

Our global client base is a testament to our versatility and ability to deliver results that resonate across different markets and cultures.

Technology Platforms


Client stories
The Python developer Evrone allocated to our project did a great job. We’re glad that, thanks to our collaboration, we managed to develop an MVP right on time, and, eventually, successfully pitch the project to investors.
Lavell Juan
CEO at Brag House
We are grateful to the Evrone team for their highly qualified specialists and assistance in solving our problems. The developers with whom we collaborated demonstrated great experience, ability to design complex systems in a short time, great initiative and responsibility.
Oleg Melikhov
Head of the department for the development of website optimization services for search engines and marketing of the SberMegaMarket marketplace.
Thanks to Evrone, we now have a convenient service to test our theories and make START better for our users. Thank you for helping to choose the optimal technology stack and promptly agreeing to implement more functionality!
Kirill Evseenko


What Role Does the Backend Play in a Digital Solution?
It handles data storage, server management, and application logic. It's the powerhouse behind the scenes, and it makes sure that user interactions on the frontend translate into actions, responses, and data exchanges. Without the backend, even the most beautifully designed application would struggle to perform basic functions, which might affect user experience and functionality.
What's the Timeline for Developing a Backend?
It can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the project, the functionality requirements, and the technologies used. A simple app might take a few weeks to develop, while a more complex solution could require several months or even longer. An essential part of our initial consultation at Evrone involves understanding your needs to provide a realistic timeline that aligns with your project's deadlines.
Which Programming Language is the Best for Backend Development?
Selecting the "best" programming language for backend development depends largely on the project's requirements, the dev team's expertise, and the desired result. For instance, Python is a popular choice for startups and rapid development. Ruby, with its elegant syntax and the Rails framework, is ideal for web applications. Java and C# are preferred for enterprise-level applications due to their robustness. Meanwhile, Go and Rust are gaining traction for their performance. At Evrone, we evaluate the unique needs of your project to recommend the most suitable technology stack.
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