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Cross-Platform App Development Services

Choosing the right approach in mobile app development can make a huge difference between creating a transformative user experience and a forgettable one. Enter Evrone, a leading cross-platform mobile app development company with a history of excellence. With years of expertise under our belt, we have seamlessly transformed unique business ideas into powerful, on-demand applications for both iOS and Android ecosystems.

By harnessing the latest technologies and frameworks, our team of dedicated programmers ensures that businesses not only reach a wider audience but also achieve their strategic and profit goals. Dive in with us to understand why cross-platform mobile app development is reshaping the industry and how Evrone is at the forefront of this revolution.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

We take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of services in the domain of cross-platform application development. Here’s a glimpse of what we bring to the table:

Cross-Platform Mobile iOS/Android

Our expertise in unified codebase ensures seamless app performance across both Android and iOS devices. A streamlined user experience without the costs of building separate apps.

Cross-Platform Tablet Android/iOS

Catering specifically to the tablet audience, we create solutions that leverage the expansive screen real estate and functionalities of both Android and iOS tablets.

PWAs (Progressive Web Apps)

Experience the future with our PWAs. These are web apps with native app-like functionalities, offering impeccable UX without the need for store downloads.


For startups and investors seeking to dip their toes in the market, we provide Minimum Viable Product development services. Acquire a fully functional prototype to present to stakeholders and fine-tune your strategic approach.

Cross-platform Development Consulting

Unsure about the cross-platform approach? Our team of consultants provides insights, planning, and guidance tailored to your business needs.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We offer robust support and maintenance services, ensuring your apps are always updated and in sync with the latest tech trends.

Our Cross-Platform Expertise 

The digital era has ushered in an unprecedented demand for mobile solutions across various sectors. At Evrone, our cross-platform development services cater to a diverse array of industries, ensuring bespoke solutions tailored to niche requirements. Here’s a closer look:

Steps to create a cross-platform app
Customer Request
Initial inquiry with an idea and desired features
Defining All System Requirements
We engage closely with the client to understand every nuance of the desired solution. A comprehensive mapping of required technologies, frameworks, and user experience metrics is undertaken to ensure a smooth development process
Detailed, Development-Ready Specs
We provide a precise blueprint, along with the estimated duration and financial investment required for the project
Our team crafts a unified codebase, ensuring optimized performance across all devices and platforms
QA and Testing
Rigorous evaluations are conducted, ensuring flawless functionality and unmatched user experience
Your cross-platform solution is ready for deployment on iOS and Android
After Release Support
We remain by your side, ensuring seamless updates and continuous enhancement

Why choose us?

When it comes to entrusting the development of your mobile project, Evrone stands out as the epitome of excellence and reliability. With a team of seasoned professionals boasting 15+ years of experience, we bring to the table unparalleled software lifecycle predictability. This legacy is enriched by the completion of over 2000 successful projects and the trust of more than 100 clients worldwide. Our vast experience ensures not just quality and expertise, but also complex delivery proficiency.

Opting for Evrone is also a smart financial decision. Our methods and approach lead to significant cost savings for our clients. Yet, we ensure no compromise on the quality of the end product. With Evrone, you're not just choosing a service, you're investing in excellence.

Technology Stack for Cross-Platform Development

At Evrone, we understand that the bedrock of any successful cross-platform solution lies in the robustness of the technologies employed. Let’s delve into some of the cutting-edge technologies our team expertly harnesses:


Apache Cordova

This renowned platform facilitates the creation of native mobile solutions using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At Evrone, our programmers leverage Cordova’s strengths to ensure apps are not just feature-rich but also maintain consistent performance across multiple platforms

React Native

Developed by Facebook, React Native has emerged as a leading choice for cross-platform development. It allows our programmers to craft beautiful, native-like solutions using a single JavaScript codebase, ensuring seamless user experiences on both Android and iOS


Leveraging Google's UI toolkit, Flutter, empowers our team to develop natively compiled applications seamlessly across mobile, web, and desktop platforms, all from a single, unified codebase. With its rich widgets and dynamic UI, Flutter-based solutions by Evrone stand out in both aesthetics and functionality

Navigating Challenges

Cross-platform development, while powerful, comes with its own set of unique challenges. Our programmers are adept at identifying and overcoming these hurdles to deliver seamless applications. Here are some problems our team expertly navigates:


Delivering a uniform and user-friendly experience, guaranteeing that applications maintain consistency and ease of use, regardless of the device, screen dimensions, or platform they are accessed on.

Performance Optimization

Addressing the risk of lag or diminished performance that can sometimes be associated with cross-platform solutions.

Access to Native Features

Bridging the chasm between a unified codebase and platform-specific native features, enabling seamless access to all functionalities.

Maintaining a Single Codebase

Guaranteeing the preservation of a single codebase's functionality, efficiency, and freedom from bugs across all platforms.


Crafting an architecture that accommodates future expansion and the seamless addition of features without jeopardizing performance or the user experience.

Integration Complexities

Seamlessly integrating third-party or platform-specific services, from payment gateways to social media plugins.

Frequent OS Updates

Keeping the app updated and compatible with the frequent updates rolled out by iOS and Android.


Information Security

Information security stands as a paramount concern for businesses and users alike. At Evrone, we deeply recognize the significance of safeguarding user data and maintaining the integrity of applications. Every cross-platform mobile solution we develop undergoes stringent security protocols, from robust encryption methods to advanced threat detection mechanisms. By employing best practices in cybersecurity, we ensure that vulnerabilities are meticulously addressed, reducing the risk of breaches and unauthorized access. As a trusted hybrid mobile app development company, our commitment extends beyond just functionality and aesthetics; we prioritize creating a secure digital ecosystem for users, ensuring peace of mind for both our clients and their audience.

Client stories
Our experience working with Evrone was absolutely wonderful. They were able to deliver everything we needed even ahead of the deadline. The quality of their code and their flexibility were two stand-out qualities of our partnership. We would definitely recommend hiring them if you need to develop a mobile app for your healthcare project.
Khaja Khan
President, Aerovu Technologies, Inc.
Evrone’s team is invested in our project and wants it to succeed as much as we do. They have a great combination of talented developers who are easy to work with, and we appreciate their knowledge, engagement, and dedication. Every time we throw them a challenge, they are more than able to meet it.
Nalin Senthamil CTO


How would you define cross-platform app development?
It encompasses the practice of crafting mobile applications capable of functioning across various operating systems by utilizing a unified codebase, rather than crafting separate codebases tailored to each platform individually.
Does native development hold an edge over cross-platform?
Native development targets a specific operating system, offering optimized performance and access to all native features. While it often provides a smoother user experience, cross-platform development allows for a wider reach with reduced costs and time.
Is investing in cross-platform app development a wise decision?
Yes, for numerous enterprises, cross-platform development provides a cost-efficient avenue to extend their reach across both Android and iOS platforms, all the while upholding a uniform user experience.
Which frameworks stand out in cross-platform development?
React Native, Flutter, and Apache Cordova are among the most prominent cross-platform frameworks in the industry today.
What's the typical cost range for cross-platform app development?
The cost for cross-platform app development can fluctuate depending on factors such as project intricacy, feature set, and the selection of frameworks. Frequently, this approach offers a more cost-effective solution compared to embarking on individual native development endeavors for each platform.
What is the usual duration for cross-platform app development?
The development time for cross-platform apps depends on its complexity and features. However, since a single codebase is used for multiple platforms, it generally takes less time compared to developing native apps for each OS separately.
Can I request changes or updates to my app after its launch?
Absolutely! Cross-platform apps can be updated or modified post-launch. With the unified codebase, making changes becomes more streamlined, ensuring consistency across all platforms.
Do I retain ownership of the source code for my cross-platform app?
Yes, as a hybrid application development company, we ensure that clients retain full ownership of the source code for their apps, granting them complete control over their digital product.
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