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Live Streaming App Development

Developing a standalone streaming application or video hosting service is necessary if you have a lot of video content and it has become too expensive to host it on third-party platforms. Video delivers unparalleled digital engagement, making it easier to get your information out to the people who are looking for it. Whether your business is live stream TV, video tutorial platform, or video conferencing service, we are ready to help you develop a streaming platform with attractive UI and advanced configuration.

Custom streaming solutions

We can help you at any stage of your video product launch by developing:

  • your own live streaming platform or improving an existing one
  • custom app with live streaming
  • video on demand
  • OTT video solution
  • eCommerce-related videos
  • content with interactive elements

Our portfolio includes developing an online cinema, sports streaming service, online video surveillance system. We are ready to share our experience and advise you on the features that would make your live streaming application efficient and powerful.

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