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Why Former Employees Love Evrone

April 2024

Team members at Evrone often say they really love their job. And even if they continue their careers in other companies, they still fondly remember their time with our team. In return, we continue to maintain friendships with our "alumni": by inviting them to educational and entertainment events, assisting with presentations, providing recommendations, and paying bonuses for bringing in new employees and clients. In this article, we'll talk about the "Evrone at heart" community, which unites former employees.

Bonuses for Employees and Clients

Recruiting employees in any company comes from various sources: career websites, social networks, events. Then, it's HR's task to make a good impression and retain new specialists as long as possible through a developed corporate culture.

Referral programs are used in many companies because it's much easier to retain someone if they are recommended for the job internally, from a place of good intentions, meaning the newcomer will have high expectations.

We've expanded this method and pay referral bonuses even if someone comes on the advice of former employees.

It's especially valuable if we're recommended not just as an employer but as a developer. It's gratifying that ex-colleagues were satisfied with the projects they worked on and the high quality of development to the extent that they recommend us for specific tasks if we have the appropriate expertise. In such cases, we also pay a separate bonus, as this channel help us save on the marketing budget.

While I've been sending more and more people to Evrone for projects, working there was also great. The management truly cares about its employees and has a well-thought-out development vector, and I want to be friends with many colleagues.
sukhodolova Tatyana Sukhodolova Chief Test Analyst, PSB


We're also ready to recommend everyone we've had the chance to work with. Each specialist who decides to leave Evrone receives a recommendation letter, which helps them at their next job. We highlight professionalism on client projects, individual skills, and provide honest feedback, which helps HR specialists from other companies form an opinion about people.

Besides our letters, the projects themselves speak to the expertise of former colleagues. We strive to publish a lot of materials about completed projects and describe in detail what was done, so involved developers can boast about achievements that can be verified.

We also promote video materials from events, articles about open-source products, and mention employees personally, so anyone can find something more interesting about them than just social network profiles.

Evrone Fest

Every year we host Evrone Fest — a big IT festival for all our employees and friends. We invite active members of our community, meetup speakers, RubyRussia conference participants, and, of course, our former team members.

Our event team tries to organize something new every time. For example, in 2024, we organized a party in an ancient mansion and filmed a special corporate movie to capture another year at Evrone.

I loved it! A beautiful mansion in the center of Moscow, with ambiance-mystical rooms, and mouth-melting steaks, the premiere of a new movie about working at Evrone, an inspiring speech by the founder, awesome merch as a gift. And most importantly — incredible people! I really missed them.
sukhodolova Tatyana Sukhodolova Chief Test Analyst, PSB
I attended Evrone Fest in 2024, and really liked it! I only had positive impressions, had a great time. Spent the evening mingling with everyone!
grachev Michail Grachev Senior Rust Developer, Wildberries


Traditionally, we meet with colleagues, clients, friends, and partners at a big party, as already mentioned above. However, since Evrone has been working remotely from day one, our current and former employees can be found all over the world. Therefore, throughout the year, we hold separate meetups for those who couldn't make it to Evrone Fest or want to meet more often.

In 2023, we held such meetings in Berlin and St. Petersburg, and in 2024, we plan to expand our geography and meet with Evronians in other cities and countries.

evrone meetupsevrone meeting

Mentorship for Speakers

Meetups and conferences are our pride. We not only organize our own ones but also participate in the largest events worldwide. To ensure our presentations win audience votes and get many views on video platforms, we thoroughly prepare each speaker and their presentations.

Our DevRel, Grigory Petrov, who not only speaks publicly a lot himself but also holds a place on the program committees of several conferences, helps with this a lot. Together with the speakers he polishes the text of the speeches, creates a vivid and memorable presentation, checks the timing, and shares advice on rhetoric.

Thanks to this, one of our presentations made it into the top 10 of KnowledgeConf, and another one opened HolyJS, the largest conference on JavaScript and Web development.

This support is also available to those who no longer work at Evrone but continue to collaborate with us as a partner, speak at our events, or continue to tour with a presentation once created with our support.

Evrone has remained a leader in working with the community. Time passes, and I'm more convinced of this. Oleg [Balbekov] and Iurii [Gurzhii] initially set the right vector for community relations and established the best Code of Conduct in Russia, I believe. It's important because it creates an image of a very cool company. Of course, there are contradictions as everywhere, but for many guys, Evrone remains a great example. And that's cool.
koprov Dmitry Koprov Technical Director, Samokat.Tech

People change jobs, careers, but we at Evrone still stay in touch with everyone. Our "Evrone at heart" community already counts more than 150 friends and partners, with whom we remember the cool days, fun projects and help each other.

If you want to join our team — check out the open positions and reach out to us, we'd be glad to meet you!

The secret to our culture is that Evrone was created by developers for developers. Especially cool is that we're highly valued and recommended even by former employees — it means we've achieved our goal and become their favorite place of work.
Oleg Balbekov
CEO, Evrone
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