Why your project needs Elixir developers

Elixir is a functional, distributed, general purpose programming language that runs on BEAM, an Erlang virtual machine. The Erlang VM ensures distributedness, fault tolerance, soft real-time execution, and metaprogramming, with macros and polymorphism implemented through protocols. At our software development company, Evrone, we have significant experience using Elixir and functional programming. 

What are the benefits of using Elixir?

The key features of Elixir are:

  • Scalability - BEAM automatically uses hardware in the most efficient way possible, so applications written in Elixir make the most of all processor cores.
  • Low memory usage - memory is allocated separately for each process. If the process is short enough, the garbage collector does not turn on, and the process ends as soon as it is complete.
  • Immutability - we can define the immunity problem in the vein where this concept was originally conceived: state support. When working with parallel processes, you need to keep in mind that the state of the process is an extremely important aspect.
  • Fault tolerance - Erlang was initially created for telecom companies, so stability of operations and fault tolerance was the number one priority. This reliability level is also achievable with Elixir. Another essential feature is a hot code swap, making deployment without downtime possible.

Noteworthy Elixir solutions include:

  • Mix - an assembly automation tool
  • Phoenix - a web development framework
  • Nerves - a platform, framework, and tooling environment for creating embedded systems and devices
  • Ecto - the database wrapper and query generator for Elixir

When is it appropriate to use Elixir?

Elixir is a great option for:

  • Large and small web apps - With the Phoenix framework, Elixir is an excellent choice for web development. For small, microservice-oriented apps, we are able to easily cut out most of the unused framework and library features. Bigger apps benefit from the ability to break things down, simplifying the management of large code bases.
  • Web APIs (JSON and GraphQL) - Elixir devs use the Absinthe library when working with GraphQL, so it’s a good, mature solution.
  • Real-time web - GraphQL (with Absinthe) + Elixir is an excellent choice for real-time web development.
  • Stateful web - When you create, for example, a proxy for HTTP of WebSocket, you need to monitor state, progress, timeouts, etc. Elixir is an elegant solution when creating an infrastructure for a big project.
  • Event-driven systems - Elixir allows for the processing of large amounts of data/events in one batch, in both asynchronous and synchronous manners, making it suitable for event-driven systems.
  • Distributed systems - it is simple and straightforward to create distributed systems using Elixir. Erlang’s distributed apps architecture can be used for co-located servers, while lasp/partisan’s stack or libcluster can be used to build, deploy, and manage clusters of Erlang nodes of your own design.
  • Internet of things, industrial automation, and embedded systems - Elixir allows you to create, deploy, and implement updates on all types of IoT devices, from smart coffee machines to serious industrial equipment to TV networks.

What skills should you look for when you hire Elixir programmers?

Elixir is not a newbie’s language, since a strong understanding of the functional programming paradigm is needed. So, before you hire Erlang programmers, you’ll want to verify their experience. Scalability, immutability, and low memory usage are the key features of Elixir, and an experienced Elixir developer will know how to use these tools wisely.

What are the Elixir development tools or Elixir toolkit?

Since it is a young language, Elixir doesn’t have its own IDE. But it’s a non-issue, as a lot of popular IDEs and editors have the corresponding plugins. VSCode and Atom are the most popular choices. Atom also has an autocomplete feature.

The Elixir toolkit includes:

  • HEX - a package manager that can be used both for Erlang and Elixir
  • Postman - a service for testing JSON APIs created with Elixir
  • Wombat - used for Elixir or Erlang monitoring
  • HoneyBadger - allows you to manage Elixir errors

Is it difficult to hire Elixir experts in 2020?

Honestly, yes. There are no junior programmers in the Elixir community, so you’ll be hard pressed to find and hire Erlang developers. However, it can be difficult to find a highly-motivated junior with expertise in any programming language. If you need to hire a middle or senior Elixir developer, you’ll have more viable candidates. But the average Elixir developer salary may be out of your price range, as Elixir developer costs can be quite expensive. So, these are your options:

  • Hire an in-house Elixir developer. This option brings a lot of challenges. There are not many skilled programmers that are on the job market, especially ones who know Elixir. In any case, just one Elixirist won’t be able to accomplish much by themselves. You will need a full team of developers, testers, managers, and devops. The team will also need a leader, so an expensive CTO is required, as well.
  • Hire an Elixir freelancer. Freelancers are popular with small companies and individuals. They are useful for simple tasks that can be done quickly and checked easily. Elixir is a sophisticated backend technology that is used in complex solutions. A single, short-term freelancer won’t be of any help in this situation.
  • Hire Elixir developers from an outsourcing company. Elixir is a serious technology for serious tasks. So, you need a solid approach to development with Elixir. The best option is to hire an Elixir development company, entrusting your project to experienced professionals. You will receive constant communication and updates from the senior project manager, and you will be able to monitor the entire production process. You’ll know exactly what’s being done, why it should be done that way, how it will be carried out, and what advantages it will give your project. Evrone is a leader in this market, and we can provide you with an experienced, knowledgeable Elixir team that can bring your project to life.

Our Experience with Elixir

Evrone was founded over 10 years ago, and we have grown to a team of over 100 professionals, with specialists in every IT field. For more information on our past projects, check out our Medcorder and Genesis Block case studies.

We are currently using Phoenix, Elixir’s framework for web development, in our continuous development service, Vexor. Initially created for our company’s internal needs, Vexor has become a popular solution among other firms, as well.

The Evrone team is also developing and supporting an open-source solution called Waffle, a flexible file upload service, created in Elixir:


Evrone Engagement Model

When you partner with Evrone, we’ll begin by discussing your business idea or technical task with you. If you don’t have anything concrete yet, that’s not an issue. The Evrone team includes experienced business analysts, technical writers, and managers who can help you develop your ideas and goals.

We use the Agile system for development process organization, and fast response to changes and early delivery are priorities for every project. This means that fixed-scope projects are driven through regular iterations too.

Evrone Hiring Process

Our hiring process varies, depending on your unique needs. The hiring process for a client with no tech team at all will be much more in-depth than it would be for a client who already has a CTO and in-house team, and just needs to hire Elixir/Erlang developers.

Hiring process
Client request
Reach out to us and share your idea, technical requirements and details
Project requirements discussion
We study your request and specification closely, and come up with a proposal
Choosing the engagement model
We suggest several engagement models and determine the most convenient one
Project roadmap
We define the key steps and form a project development roadmap
Team allocation
We allocate all the necessary specialists for your project and form your team
Contract sign-off
Once satisfied, we sign the contract and start the project
Kicking off the project
We start the development and move towards the project release and delivery together

Cost of Elixir Development

We’ve already mentioned the high cost of Elixir developers, but as always, you get what you pay for. When you choose to partner with Evrone, you can rest assured that you are paying for a team of true experts and guaranteed results. Your final product or solution will meet or exceed your expectations, and any issues that arise will be handled by professionals. If you need to hire Elixir developers that are experienced, reliable, and produce incredible results, Evrone can help.


We love Vexor and use it for our open source projects on GitHub. We appreciate the platform as it allows us to build tools and we also enjoy the new container infrastructure for speedier builds.
Anton Mozgovoy
CTO, Humaniq.com — Blockchain platform and mobile financial app
Revo Technologies thanks you for your cooperation. It has been a great pleasure to work with you on joint projects. We are grateful to your team for their professionalism, that they take their job seriously and strive to achieve quality results without breaking deadlines.
Evgeniy Fokin
CIO, Revoplus.ru — Fintech company
Elixir is my favorite tool I fell in love with after ruby and my code editor (emacs). Due to brilliant realisation of virual machine we can write robust, scalable and distributed applications with fault tolerance and soft real-time requirements.
Boris Kuznetsov
Lead developer, Evrone.com
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