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Design for the HR Department of a Large Company

One of the largest Eastern European companies approached Evrone to order an HR tool for internal communication. We developed a full-cycle HR platform with an interactive map and employee profiles.

April 2024

Digital technologies are in demand for managing personnel, and regardless of what the company does, there should always be someone responsible for personnel. The bigger the business, the more people there are, and the more complex the relationships between them become. At a certain point, any business starts considering optimizing its work processes. Some choose off-the-shelf solutions, while others build their own system from scratch.

Sometimes, a business outgrows ready-made solutions, so a bespoke service becomes the only option. This was the case with our HROOTS HR platform project, which Evrone's designers developed for one of the largest Eastern European companies. Since an NDA protects the project, we cannot disclose its name and some details of the solution.

hroots dashboard
hroots boardhr solution

The client needed an analog of Pingboard, a service that allows visualizing a company's dynamic organizational structure in diagrams. With its help, you can find any employee, see how they are connected to others, and contact them directly to address any issues.

The client needed a service that would allow employees to quickly find the responsible individuals and contact them directly to ask a question or solve a problem. This would also help automate the onboarding of newcomers, who would no longer need to figure out the corporate structure on their own.


We always start working on a project by collecting information and analyzing the real needs of users. Our team gathered requirements and data to design the structure, compiled a list of functions, and matched it with development capabilities.

hr system

Later, we moved on to interviews with future users. We conducted several sessions to understand how communications are structured in the company and what the service would actually be used for. Based on the results, we prepared a document describing all possible use cases of the HR tool. After this, we conducted verification iterations with the client to confirm the results and make sure that we understood both the business and user needs correctly.


After gathering and analyzing the information, we proceeded to develop the structure and GUI of the future HR platform. The designers had to reflect internal processes in the human resource management system UI/UX.

Sometimes, these processes can be pretty complex. For example, in some teams, there is a complex hierarchy of departmental subordination with several levels of nesting. This means that an employee works within a group that is part of a department, which is part of another department, and so on, up to 5-6 levels deep.

hroots dynamic

The key feature of the interface is a structured map that facilitates navigation through interactive HR employee profiles and related data. Almost all elements in it are clickable — clicking on the name of a department opens the departments within it, clicking on a department opens groups, and so on. In a collapsed view, the number of employees is displayed next to the department name.

hroots coworkers
hroots tips

In addition to the structured map, which shows the connections within the team, there is an option to display data in table form. Both the map and the table have filters for position, department, city, etc.

hroots profile
person profile

Each employee has an interactive profile with personal information and contacts. For HR specialists, the profile shows more information, such as scheduled vacations, sick leaves, benefits packages, and length of service in the company.

profile structure

We also built a mobile version of the HR management dashboard.


The MVP was created in three months. Our designers worked on the corporate service together with the client's team and developers. The service is now operational and accessible to all employees and HR specialists. After some time, the client will assess its effectiveness and potentially add new features and tools for HR.

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