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Assisting an HRTech Startup with Customization for VIP Clients

October 2023

In 2022, a startup specializing in employee training and adaptation systems approached Evrone. The company was on the brink of implementing HR automation to streamline its services. Their primary focus was on HR task automation, and they were searching for help to develop a Custom HR Management System. Evrone was tapped to help with this, with the startup looking for backend and frontend developers capable of catering to large clients who prioritize HR process automation. To further illustrate the extent of their requirements, they needed HR process automation examples to ensure they were on the right track. This marked their first experience in engaging external specialists.

Given that the project is protected by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), client-specific details will remain undisclosed.

How does it work?

The startup offers extensive HRM customization options to major clients, allowing alignment with the client's brand guidelines. Furthermore, their system can be integrated with various services like Bitrix24, 1C, Boss Kadrovik, BambooHR, Zoom, Power BI, and Active Directory. Occasionally, the large corporations would have specific requests outside the existing features.

Evrone's specialists played a vital role in these scenarios. We worked on HR Workflows tailored for VIP clients, ensuring the seamless operation of integrations and customized features.


For organizations with large numbers of employees, manual categorization and course enrollment becomes inefficient. Recognizing the importance of HR automation software, we designed a feature for a prominent client, focusing on the automated grouping of employees and their course enrollment. The success of this tool led to its incorporation into the core product. In the process, the logic of enrollment was revamped to be automatic, tackling any existing issues.


Clients often requested that employees use their company accounts for authentication, emphasizing the importance of data governance. We facilitated this by employing the OAuth 2.0 protocol, which uses SSL for security and offers precise control over user access rights. We also documented the authentication logic for future implementation.

NPS Surveys

A system that could conduct employee training assessments was paramount. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys employees to gather feedback on courses. In simpler terms, it involves familiar survey questions like, "Would you recommend us to friends and acquaintances?" Our client's system also had the capability to survey employees and collect feedback on courses. Although some work had been done in this area, Evrone specialists improved the code and logic behind this system.


Task filtering became a significant focus. Initially, the code for filters was standardized for the entire service, but over time, various teams in different parts of the application made changes, causing filters to function differently. Modifications we did allowed filters to stay consistent across pages and be shareable via URLs.

Group Pages

With the growth in client numbers, there was a rising demand for learning management systems for employee training. The platform needed to adapt to these needs, introducing features like exclusion lists, facilitating Employee Self-Assessment, and tailoring courses for employee retention and avoiding staff reduction. This proved valuable when an employee moved from one team within a company to another. Since they had already completed some of the common courses, only new streams were necessary.


Two main tasks around chats surfaced. One involved integrating a corporate messenger, and the other addressed issues within the educational platform's messaging system. Our team had implemented a messenger for team collaboration using websockets, but there was a blocker in the code that occasionally prevented the websockets from running. Our specialists identified and resolved this issue, ensuring smooth functionality of the chats within the system.


One of our developers transitioned to a team lead role, emphasizing the establishment of processes within the team. This shift meant an emphasis on Agile and Scrum methodologies and Performance appraisal techniques. Assesing training options became vital, ensuring the right tools were in place for effective training. Gitflow was proposed, a methodology for working with Git, defining which branches to create and how to merge them. It involves building a strict branching model around releases, which proves effective in managing large projects.

Evrone prides itself on its technical and managerial expertise. Our collaboration means clients receive assistance in task resolution and valuable advice, operating as a knowledgeable outstaff team ready to tackle challenges. Ready to start you next project? Contact us via the form below!

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