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Backend Development Services

We develop backend solutions for high-load, technically-complex products and startups. We design backend for custom ERP and CRM systems, eCommerce, and media and financial services. Our team is prepared to take on server software development at any stage, from the consultation and development of technical specifications, to the migration of existing solutions to the cloud.

What can we do for you

  • Develop the server side of websites and services, as well as web and mobile applications
  • Develop project management systems, REST APIs, dashboards, administration panels, and real-time services
  • Integrate payment systems and third-party billing services
  • Integrate APIs
  • Design architecture
  • Conduct auditing and code refactoring
  • Transfer infrastructure to the cloud or to other technologies

Our approach to backend development

  • Technology stack

We develop backend in Ruby on Rails, Python, Node, the multi-paradigm Golang language, and the functional Elixir language. We use the Git version control system.

  • Project management

We work through weekly Agile sprints, and, at each stage, we conduct tests and check code performance.

  • Clear documentation

After delivering a project, we provide you with detailed documentation and, if necessary, assign a team for ongoing project support.

  • Principles

We create projects that are high-performing, can be easily scaled up, and can withstand high loads. We write high-quality, stable code, so that after launch, you can focus on further developing the project, not on endless bug fixing.

Mobile backend as a service

If you plan to store and process user data, accept payments, or maintain a catalogue of products, then our team can help you create a reliable mobile app backend for iOS or Android applications. We are ready to describe business logic, choose the optimal architecture, and help with backend API development for your mobile application.

These things must be accounted for, at the start of development, if you plan to scale up your product in the future. We start by analyzing your ideas and explaining all the technical details, so that you understand how the solution works and what it will provide, then we develop the server side for you.

We love challenging tasks and are ready to demonstrate our expertise in solving complex issues. Contact us to discuss your project and how we can help you develop and optimize it.

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