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Developing one of the largest e-Commerce platforms for consumer goods

SberMegaMarket turned to Evrone for help, and we provided them with Go developers to help with tasks in the SEO and Ad-Gen departments.

September 2022

SberMegaMarket is a multi-category marketplace where you can find more than 5 million products from over 8,000 stores. It features 16 main categories, including electronics and household appliances, home goods, clothing, construction and repair, children's items, and much more. With Sbermegamarket, you can compare prices from different sellers, choose the best offers, and order items for delivery.

Recently, SberMegaMarket has been intensively expanding. As a result, in February 2022, they had many more tasks than their team could handle. So they turned to Evrone for help, and we provided them with Go developers to help with tasks in the SEO and Ad-Gen departments.

SEO and marketing features for a marketplace

Reviews — Our developers closely worked with the SEO team from the digital marketing department of SberMegaMarket, which is responsible for everything related to user experience and advertising. We have helped to implement the reviews system, which controls how reviews are generated in the system, how they are moderated, and their administration.

We also participated in the development of a loyalty program for users, which encourages them to write more reviews. For example, a user writes a review, and our system verifies that the review is genuine and the user actually bought this product. If so, they receive virtual currency, which accrues within the system itself, to spend in the marketplace. 

Questions and Answers — Now we are engaged in the development of a new major service: Questions and Answers. This will be a tab next to reviews, and it will be useful for users who have not yet decided whether they want to buy something or not. If they need additional information that is not mentioned in the product details, they can ask previous buyers a question about the item.

In the future, Sbermegamarket wants to expand this feature so that the seller themselves or the official representative of that particular brand can come and answer these questions. First, it will provide a knowledge base. Second, it is theorized users will be more likely to decide on a purchase if they have more information. We are currently working on this system and developing an MVP.

Vendor's Office — Together with the SberMegaMarket team, we have developed and are testing an account that expands the capabilities of the marketplace for manufacturers and vendors. The vendor account allows official brand representatives to give feedback on reviews within our system.

Reviews Photo Gallery —Together with the SEO team, we developed a photo gallery for all pictures from reviews. Previously, users could attach a photo of the product they were writing a review about. But there was no easy way to look at the pictures. You had to read through all the reviews and manually search for these pictures. So we decided to group all photos into one block, allowing users to view the entire gallery with just one click.

Internal Promo Page — Finally, we took part in the development of an internal promo page for the company employees, where they can receive promo codes for purchases.

Generating advertising campaigns & XML feeds

In addition, we were directly involved in the development of two services for the advertising department to manage product advertising on the marketplace:

  • A service that generates advertising campaigns for Yandex and Google ( and Google adwords).
  • A service that generates XML feeds for various other services for integrations (for example: products, product lists, prices, categories, and so on).

For the most part, we are engaged in supporting these services, introducing new functionality, and fixing bugs.

New functionality

The marketplace’s brands often have aliases or synonyms that must be taken into account. For example, there is a brand whose name is written in Latin with a capital letter. When someone types that same brand name using, for example, the Cyrillic alphabet, the letters may change. In order for the system to know all these options, a brand’s possible aliases must be added.

Previously, they were simply crammed into the base and could not be modified or organized. Our developer has developed functionality that allows them to be managed. Now we have the ability to delete, change, add them, and so on (typical CRUD).

Technology stack

  • The main language is Go
  • Elasticsearch is also used (for reviews, this is the main storage) 
  • Postgres database, MS SQL; Vue.js on the frontend 
  • Redis is used as a cache 
  • Gin and Go kit frameworks are also used

Future plans

The future plans and major tasks are to continue working on the Q&A service, launch an MVP, and further develop it into a full-fledged solution. Also, we plan to improve the performance of the reviews search function, as well as the performance of the system as a whole.

If you are looking for reliable professionals with e-commerce experience, who can merge seamlessly with your workflow and strengthen your own development team, fill out the form below, and we will contact you to discuss your project.

And if you are looking for goods & products, feel free to search for them and get them delivered conveniently by SberMegaMarket.

We are grateful to the Evrone team for their highly qualified specialists and assistance in solving our problems. The developers with whom we collaborated demonstrated great experience, ability to design complex systems in a short time, great initiative and responsibility.
Oleg Melikhov
Head of the department for the development of website optimization services for search engines and marketing of the SberMegaMarket marketplace.
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