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Identity and website for a financial services provider Galleon & Caravan

Evrone has developed the identity and landing page for Galleon & Caravan, a financial services provider

December 2019

The challenge

We were asked to create a fresh and distinctive brand identity and landing site for a financial service which is anything but ordinary. At Evrone, we strive to continually challenge ourselves in what we deliver for our clients, and building the website for Galleon & Caravan was no exception.

Galleon & Caravan provides boutique payment services for the entertainment and creative industries, offering exceptional service and lower commission rates than are charged by ordinary banks.

galleon caravan

The solution

It quickly became apparent that the identity of Galleon & Caravan needed to not only reflect their ethos, but also needed to appeal directly to a customer base that had a keen eye for design and beauty themselves. Like Galleon & Caravan itself, the one thing the identity absolutely could not be was “standard”.

Our team created a design language that blends tradition with modernity, premium yet accessible, drawing on the global nature of the service, and juxtaposing contrasting elements that are united by what they have in common.

The logo is strongly geometric, consisting of intersecting lines connecting squares to circles, representing the financial connectivity that Galleon & Caravan provide to their clients. But whilst it’s geometric and modern, it’s also classical, forming a wind rose, a symbol of globality and fluid movement.

Type is set in a combination of strongly contrasting faces, pairing the traditional sweeping serifs of the antique with the stark modernity of the grotesque. The palette is rooted in black, exuding luxury and nobility, but with the depth and subtle beauty of moonlight hues.

galleon & caravan
galleon&caravan site

The Galleon & Caravan identity has echoes of the traditional, physical world imprinted upon it, but was born digital, and isn’t afraid to show it. The use of movement and transformation, in both two and three dimensions, is integral to the expression of the brand on the web.

The line that joins the contrasting “G” of Galleon and the “C” of Caravan behaves as a dynamic horizon, hiding and revealing parts of models that represent the financial, creative, and entertainment industries as you navigate the site. Not just dynamic, but interactive too: reflecting the flexibility of Galleon & Caravan’s boutique services, you can pick up and move that horizon to find the perfect balance.

Evrone’s team is a hub of talented designers and developers who excel at working together to produce innovative technical and digitally-native creative solutions, and to iterate rapidly to meet the most exacting requirements of our clients.

galleon&caravan image
galleonandcaravan image
galleon and caravan image
They designed and developed the website in its entirety, providing ongoing services and updates also. Furthermore, they provided various detailed options for visual branding, and formulated an overall look, feel and personality for the company based off the directive given. They are very friendly, versatile, and make websites with personality, very different from the norm!
Ario Farahani
Director, — Payment services provider
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