Developing a goal-setting system for a Forbes-acknowledged company

Now, more and more functions are being automated, bringing new challenges that require new skills and abilities. One of the areas of business of TalentTech IT-holding is creating an ecosystem for personnel management and talent development. 

TalentTech works with enterprises such as Beeline, Lenta, DNS and many others.  For four years in a row, TalentTech has been included in the 20 most valuable Runet companies, according to Forbes.

Multiple development teams are working on a comprehensive human resources management system (HRMS) that consists of several IT modules. The developed products include:

  • Potok—a platform for automating and optimizing recruiting processes for mass and individual recruitment.
  • Sever.AI—an artificial intelligence for automating HR processes.
  • TalentTech Adaptation—a mobile service for adapting and training new staff in a playful way.
  • TalentTech Surveys—a single platform for managing all HR research in the company
  • TalentTech Goals—goal setting and performance management system
  • TalentTech Training—adaptive testing and employee training system

All modules are combined into Human Сapital Management (HCM)—an ecosystem for personnel management and talent development.

Evrone was integrated into the HR software development project to work on a product called TalentTech Goals. The team for this project is big: two backend developers (one from Evrone), three frontend developers, two QA engineers, and a number of managers.

What is TalentTech Goals?

TalentTech Goals is a platform for clear and transparent goal setting, which is easy to adapt to the company's business processes. It allows you to create a tree of goals, work with current tasks, set up reporting and track progress, delegate authority and responsibility. It helps to focus the efforts of each employee on indicators that are important for the entire company.

Our backend developer has been working on the project for almost a year. During this time, he developed from scratch and implemented a comment system, as well as a feedback system, where messages appear about what is happening with current goals. In addition, we worked on the API endpoints that the frontend uses, implemented an email notification system, and fixed a number of bugs.

We participated in all stages of application development—from creating the main entity "Goal" to maintaining the life cycle of each goal and user interaction. When a goal is created, it is assigned to specific employees who do something with it: approve or disapprove, send for revision, correct, edit it.

In addition, we provided a mobile developer for several months, so we could help with mobile development on another internal product of the company.

Technology stack

The development teams on the TalentTech project use Ruby for business logic, Go for microservices, Vue for the frontend, and Flutter for mobile applications. Some parts of the product also involve Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, and React and Angular frameworks.

The main stack we are using to develop the Goals product is Rails 6 and Ruby 2.7. In addition, Grape—a REST-like API framework for Ruby—is being used on the project, so that swagger documentation can be written using Rails.

Now we are working on current tasks, for example, we are reworking filtering in the API, fixing bugs, finalizing the settings for matching reports, and so on.


The TalentTech Goals product is successfully used by large and medium-sized businesses to solve problems related to goal setting and performance management of employees. Now more and more organizations are paying attention to these processes and are trying to ensure their transparency so that everyone in the company understands the impact of their work on key business indicators. TalentTech recruitment and performance management solutions are in great demand, because in a changing world it is important to use modern HR tools for effective interaction with candidates and employees.

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