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DevOps Consulting

In the ever-changing landscape of IT, Evrone shines as a guiding light of innovation and proficiency in the realm of DevOps consulting. With a flawless history of shaping software lifecycle processes and IT infrastructure, our team adeptly navigates the intricacies of development and operations, delivering unmatched DevOps consulting services to companies worldwide.

Embarking on a journey with Evrone’s DevOps consulting means you’re not merely adopting a methodology but embracing a culture - a culture where collaboration, automation, and monitoring are paramount. Our seasoned DevOps expert consulting team meticulously assesses your current operations, crafts a strategic planning roadmap, and guides you through every phase of implementation and improvement.

What can clients expect from partnering with us? A bespoke DevOps strategy consulting that prioritizes your business objectives and expectations, while assuring a seamless integration of DevOps into your software development cycle. From meticulous assessment and automation to strategic planning and robust security, our experts ensure that your IT infrastructure is not only modernized but also resilient against evolving technological challenges. With a rich toolkit of modern automation tools and a sharp focus on security and performance optimization, we empower your team, streamline your operations, and accelerate your path to achieving IT excellence.

Benefits of DevOps Consulting for a Business

The seamless orchestration between software development and IT operations has become a paramount necessity. DevOps consulting introduces a framework that is inherently designed to minimize the friction often experienced during the software development cycle. But what are the tangible features and benefits yielded by those impeccable practices?

01 Accelerated Deployment By leveraging continuous integration and deployment methodologies, it ensures a swift transition from coding to launch, remarkably reducing the time-to-market for applications
02 Collaborative Synergy It encourages a cultural shift where development and operations teams converge to work in a synergistic collaboration, thereby fostering innovation and accelerating product delivery
03 Automation and Optimization By automating manual processes and utilizing strategic tools, it enhances efficiency and ensures consistency across IT infrastructure and development processes
04 Enhanced Security Implementing those practices doesn’t mean compromising on security. With DevSecOps, security practices are embedded throughout the development cycle, safeguarding your applications and data
05 Proactive Monitoring Continuous monitoring is pivotal, ensuring real-time alerts and enabling teams to address issues promptly, minimizing downtime, and enhancing user experience
06 Improved Recovery Those practices entail robust backup and recovery protocols, ensuring minimal impact on business continuity in the face of unexpected incidents
07 Customer Satisfaction With faster deployments, minimal downtimes, and streamlined performances, businesses are positioned to offer stellar customer experiences, thereby fostering satisfaction and loyalty

By integrating these features through DevOps consulting services, companies ensure a sustainable and scalable model for their software development and IT management.

Consulting Services at Evrone

Diving into the multifaceted domain of consulting, Evrone establishes a setting where technological adeptness and strategic methodologies unite to unveil a spectrum of services meticulously designed to amplify your IT operations and software development cycle.

Assessment and Strategy Initiate your journey with our in-depth assessments of your current IT and development environments. We design a tailored strategy aligning with your business objectives and establishing a transformative roadmap to guide your organization toward operational excellence.
Launch Consulting Ensure a smooth and effective application launch with our expert guidance. From configuration and deployment to monitoring and support, we stand by you at every step, assuring that your debut in the market is nothing short of impeccable.
Project Recovery Consulting Rescue drifting projects and steer them back on course with our recovery consulting. Leveraging adept skills in risk management, we implement strategic modifications and employ robust methodologies to restore, revitalize, and realign your projects with business goals.
Tech Consulting Navigate through the myriad of technological options with our tech consulting. Our DevOps specialists help you choose, implement, and optimize the right tools, platforms, and technologies that synergize with your objectives and operational demands.
Management Services Entrust your environment to our adept management services. From continuous monitoring to performance optimization and security compliance, we ensure your operations remain seamless, secure, and aligned with business trajectories.
Automation and Integration Augment operational efficiency with our automation and integration services. Experience reduced manual efforts, minimized errors, and accelerated workflows as we strategically implement automation and integrate diverse systems into a cohesive, seamless entity.
Security Consulting Prioritize your IT infrastructure and data protection with our security consulting, ensuring that your practices are not only agile and efficient but also fortified against potential cybersecurity threats.
Continuous Improvement and Support Experience a partnership that extends beyond implementation. Our continuous improvement and DevOps customer support services ensure your practices evolve alongside technological advancements, always remaining optimal and relevant.

Our Consultation Process

Navigating through the intricate layers of consulting, Evrone’s expert team meticulously formulates a structured consultation process that is not only methodical but also uniquely tailored to meet your specific business needs and expectations. Here’s a detailed walkthrough of how our seasoned professionals embark upon your journey, ensuring precision and success at every juncture:


  • We initiate by comprehending your unique challenges, expectations, and organizational workflows.
  • An in-depth assessment of your existing IT infrastructure and development processes is conducted to identify areas demanding improvement and modernization.
  • Our experts align your business objectives with the subsequent steps, ensuring the envisioned strategy is intrinsically tied to your organizational goals.

Roadmap Creation

  • Developing a strategic planning roadmap, we illustrate the pathway from your current operational state to the envisioned environment.
  • This entails outlining key milestones, assigning roles, establishing timelines, and defining measurable objectives to ensure transparent and traceable progression towards implementation.


  • Stepping into the realm of active implementation, our team begins integrating DevOps methodologies, tools, and practices into your existing environments.
  • This phase involves systematic execution of the devised strategy, encompassing aspects like automation, collaboration enhancement, and continuous deployment and integration.
  • Meticulous attention is given to minimizing disruptions, ensuring that the transition is smooth and does not impede ongoing projects or operational flow.

Ongoing Support

  • Post-implementation, our commitment to your success continues with persistent support and monitoring of your newly established DevOps environment.
  • We offer continuous improvement suggestions, engage in proactive issue resolution, and ensure your practices remain resilient, efficient, and aligned with evolving technological trends.
  • Our support also encapsulates frequent reviews and adaptations to the existing strategies to ensure sustained operational excellence and business growth.

Evrone's Expertise and Methodology

At Evrone, our legacy is enriched with a vast array of successful DevOps consulting projects, standing testament to our profound expertise and innovative approach to transforming IT infrastructure and software development practices. With an extensive panorama of experience spanning diverse industries and multifaceted projects, we have sculpted IT landscapes that are not only resilient and efficient but also inherently aligned with our client's business objectives and market demands.

Our methodology in DevOps consultancies is steeped in a combination of pioneering practices and time-tested strategies. Beginning with a comprehensive assessment, our experts delve deep into understanding your existing operations, pinpointing potential gaps and areas poised for enhancement. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and technologies, we infuse automation, streamline processes, and facilitate a culture where development and operations teams thrive in a symbiotic environment.

Why choose Evrone?

Embarking on a DevOps journey often introduces a myriad of challenges, such as siloed team structures, inconsistent development, and operational environments, or cumbersome manual workflows. Companies often grapple with integrating seamless communication across departments, establishing continuous integration and deployment, and ensuring a secure, scalable IT infrastructure.

Choosing Evrone’s consulting services signifies partnering with a team that not only comprehends these challenges but has a rich tapestry of experience in transcending them. We dismantle silos, fostering a collaborative environment that unites your teams and aligns them with strategic business objectives. Our approach towards automation is meticulous, ensuring your workflows are streamlined, error-resistant, and efficient. Moreover, we implement robust security protocols, safeguarding your IT ecosystem against potential vulnerabilities.

Client stories
I learned a lot in the past year, working with to explore using new cross-platform frameworks like Flutter (including contributing an audio recording module to the community), design language, and flows. We decided to use a Firebase backend with Google’s speech recognition API. The Evrone team introduced me to a broad swath of design tools and process like Trello, Zeplin, Loom, Marvel, InVision, and more.
David E. Weekly
Founder & CEO, — App to record & share doctor chats
medcorder developed a web-based platform that allows users to connect, ask and answer questions, and integrate with social media. Users are giving positive feedback and are happy with the process of getting involved. 
Erez Naveh
Co-Founder & VP,, Yallo
Revo Technologies thanks you for your cooperation. It has been a great pleasure to work with you on joint projects. We are grateful to your team for their professionalism, that they take their job seriously and strive to achieve quality results without breaking deadlines.
Evgeniy Fokin
CIO, — Fintech company joined the project just before the deadline was around the corner. We had only 4 months for develop the product that was just listed on a separate papers. Engineering team boosted development quickly and participated actively in improvements of mobile app. As a result — the product has been released in time with all functionalities onboard. We are happy to continue our cooperation.
Olga Eremenko
CEO, — Blockchain-based medical platform
We love Vexor and use it for our open source projects on GitHub. We appreciate the platform as it allows us to build tools and we also enjoy the new container infrastructure for speedier builds.
Anton Mozgovoy
CTO, — Blockchain platform and mobile financial app


What Constitutes the Approach of a DevOps Consulting Company?
The consulting approach, particularly at Evrone, revolves around enhancing collaboration between development and operations, optimizing workflows through automation, and ensuring rapid, continuous delivery of IT services. It encompasses assessing existing practices, strategizing tailored DevOps transformations, implementing technological and cultural changes, and providing ongoing support to ensure sustainable, efficient operations.
When Is DevOps Help Needed?

Consider hiring a consultant when:

  • You encounter bottlenecks in your software delivery process.
  • There is a pronounced silo between your development and operations teams.
  • You’re aiming to implement a robust, scalable IT infrastructure.
  • You seek to leverage automation for improved efficiency and accuracy.
  • A project is derailing and needs expert intervention for recovery.
How Proficient are Evrone’s DevOps Consultants?
Evrone's consultants bring to the table a rich spectrum of expertise in various industries and technologies. With a plethora of successful projects under their belt, they demonstrate proficiency in automation, IT infrastructure modernization, cloud computing, containerization, continuous integration and deployment, and more, ensuring your DevOps transformation is handled with the utmost skill and knowledge.
How much does it cost to Hire DevOps Consultants?
Costs associated with hiring consultants can vary based on the project's complexity, duration, and specific requirements. At Evrone, we strive to provide cost-effective solutions and will work with you to develop a pricing model that aligns with your budget and project objectives, ensuring transparent and value-driven financial engagements.
Which Elements Are Crucial for Achieving Success in DevOps?

Key factors that propel DevOps success include:

  • Robust collaboration and communication amongst teams.
  • Comprehensive planning and strategic implementation.
  • Effective utilization of automation tools and practices.
  • Continuous monitoring and iterative improvement.
  • A steadfast focus on customer experience and product quality.
  • Inclusive, ongoing training, and support for all team members.
What Benefits Can Be Realized Through DevOps Implementation?

Implementing DevOps introduces a host of benefits, such as:

  • Streamlined software delivery and improved time-to-market. 
  • Minimized reliance on manual processes thanks to strategic automation.
  •  Elevated collaboration and increased team productivity. 
  •  Heightened customer contentment via faster and more reliable product launches. 
  •  Enhanced ability to address issues promptly through continuous monitoring. 
  •  Ensuring a secure, scalable, and sustainable IT environment.

Should you have more queries or need further details, feel free to connect with our expert DevOps consulting & support team at Evrone. We are here to guide, assist, and empower your business towards technological excellence and operational success.

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