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Frontend and Backend Development for an On-Demand Salary Payment Service

February 2024

"Dengi Vpered" is an innovative service that allows employees to receive their salaries on any day, not just on a fixed date, exemplifying on-demand pay services. Employers provide data about wages, sick leaves, and vacations to ensure accurate calculations. Employees can see their balance increase and withdraw these funds at their convenience, a feature reminiscent of online payroll software.

Evrone was approached by "Dengi Vpered" to seek experts who could assist in developing a web application for personal finance management software. As the service expanded and faced new challenges, we supported its growth through frontend and backend development, showcasing our prowess in backend & frontend development outsourcing.

Scoring Service

Initially, the service operated in partnership with a major bank and its clients, relying on passport data to verify a person's identity. The bank handled most of the scoring process, paving the way for development of scoring system and build a financial scoring software solution. However, as the service grew and entered a broader market, there was a need to gather more data for automated credit scoring, enhancing our scoring model development.

Evrone's specialists played a key role in developing a new credit score solution, a part of credit scoring in fintech. This system is composed of three main modules: integration with clients' banks for data collection tools for credit scoring, a decision-making module based on this data, and a module for responding to user behavior within the system.

Balance Service

This service determines the available amount of funds and shows the accrual rate - a percentage of daily earnings. This rate varies based on the client's reliability and service usage history, a crucial aspect of personal finance management solutions. Employers can set the accrual rate at their discretion. "Dengi Vpered" also offers its own bonus system, a feature often found in personal finance accounting apps.

Interestingly, this service also collects data for scoring purposes, enhancing the user's profile and adjusting their reliability rating. Working alongside client developers, we focused on making user transactions for withdrawing funds more precise, a crucial feature in personal finance management apps with Python.

PFM Service

PFM (personal finance management) is a feature in banking apps that categorizes your expenses: groceries, entertainment, sports, etc. "Dengi Vpered" has implemented this feature, aiding users in personal finance tracking tools and analyzing spending data for insights into personal finance management. We were actively involved in its frontend implementation, showcasing our expertise in how to build a personal finance app.

The data for this service is gathered from all the client's linked cards, offering a more comprehensive view than a single bank's app. This aligns with how to build a fintech platform with microservices architecture, as the system was designed using microservices in the financial sector and microservices architectures in fintech.

Tech Stack

On the backend, we used Python with FastAPI as the framework and PostgreSQL databases, illustrating our ability to build a personal finance tool with Python. For the frontend, we used a standard set of React, Redux, and TypeScript. The financial platform is implemented using a microservices architecture with an API-gateway at the entrance, demonstrating microservices architecture in banking.


In addition to developing new services, we also assisted the "Dengi Vpered" team with code refactoring and various ongoing tasks, a part of our IT Outstaffing Services. The team employs a method where code is divided into small, easily replaceable or rewritable pieces when requirements change. This approach allows for rapid integration of new features without significantly impacting the overall service operation, an essential aspect of personal finance and money management software development.

Currently, we are involved only in frontend development, such as preparing a new website that the company will host independently, a testament to our skill in frontend developer outsource. Occasionally, we make architectural adjustments to the service, affecting file management, API interaction, and Redux.

If you are looking for frontend and backend developers for outstaffing who can strengthen your own team and assist in developing a personal finance management application using Python, contact us! At Evrone, professionals with extensive experience are ready to tackle the most complex challenges. We will surely find the right specialists for your needs!

The Evrone team supported ours during a challenging period and helped us develop our product. Their level of competence allowed them to solve complex problems, adapt easily to changes, and offer high-quality solutions. We are pleased with the collaboration.
Dmitry Gudovich
CEO, Dengi Vpered
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