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How we developed software to solve the problem of counting growing plants

Evrone has developed a software to solve the problem of counting the growing plants

September 2018

High accuracy

Information on how the plants are growing on the field is significant for further work on field processing, fertilization, crop forecasting. Previously, agrarian companies used traditional calculation methods. The number of plants was counted manually in several areas of the field and, according to specific formulas, the number of plants in the whole field was calculated. Such a method is imperfect and highly dependent on the quality of the agronomist's work.

Evrone has developed a software to solve the problem of counting the growing plants. All you need is a regular quadcopter with a set of equipment for video broadcasts, a computer and our software package.

Scan a field

Quadcopter flies around the field shooting a video which is transmitted to the computer. The program we have developed analyzes the footage, captures individual images and stitches them into a single map of the field. First, you see white space on the screen and then the map of your field starts to grow by the minute. If the system is not satisfied with the quality of the material you will see tips to return to a particular site and reshoot it.

Necessary equipment

All you need is a laptop with good performance and a set of equipment originally designed for making live video broadcasts from the air. There are several ready-made solutions in the market that could be easily integrated with the system developed by Evrone.

machine learning apply example

Counting the number of plants

After the field map is formed, the user only has to press the count button, and after a minute the results will be ready. While developing the Plants Counter we have applied Artificial intelligence technology that determines the rows of planting on the field and divides them into cells with individual plants. If there are plants that have risen together, they will also be calculated due to the analysis of the area occupied by different plants.


We believe that machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies should be widely used in the farming and agriculture industries. That's why we developed Plantscounter, a useful and convenient tool designed to help farmers obtain plant counts that are accurate and delivered quickly.
Alexander Kirillov
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