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Developing a Brand Media Website for a Leading Proptech Company

December 2023

The "Samolet" Group of Companies is a major corporation in the proptech and development sector. Within its umbrella, the company encompasses various business directions: development of projects in differenr segments, financial products, the online real estate services platform "Samolet Plus," a management company, commercial and rental real estate funds, educational projects, and more.

For such a large enterprise, having a "voice" to communicate with the audience and be useful to them is essential. That's how the Samolet team came up with the brand media "Easy Speaking" with two directions. The first, "Life," shares insights on transforming homes and enhancing life quality. The second, named “Pro”, publishes materials for professionals in the world of development.

The mission of this brand media is to enhance the reader's life quality by offering clear, applicable content tailored to their interests. Hence, the need for a website that's light, accessible, and intuitively understandable.

Objective - A Fast and User-Friendly Website for the Content Team

The team approached us with a ready-made design and a specific technological stack in mind.

The content team required a website built on WordPress and its customization. This not only allowed for rapid deployment but also because the platform excellently suits content publication and distribution.

Solution - Developing the Website Based on the Design in Just 3 Weeks

The project commenced with a design discussion. Our developers struck a balance between the editors' and authors' platform requirements and the CMS's technical capabilities. Within the first three weeks, we had prepared the new site along with its mobile-responsive version for content uploading.

We built the homepage, section pages, and a typical content page. As editors began populating the site with content, we turned to refining details. For instance, the design called for text handling capabilities beyond basic WordPress customization services & tools. So, we wrote custom plugins using CarbonFields to expand the editor's functionalities. One plugin had to be written in PHP, as WordPress's own framework didn't offer access to certain parameters.

These new features allow for quick insertion of advertisements into content, more convenient management of fonts and text formatting, and adding new blocks.

Additionally, we assisted in infrastructure transition. The initial cloud hosting, where we initially hosted the site, wasn't fully utilized, so we opted for a more modest, technically simpler server, which resulted in cost savings.


Thanks to our collaboration, the “Easy Speaking” brand media team swiftly acquired a new website, bringing new opportunities to engage with their audience. They are already populating it with content, including special projects.

Our developers transformed a freely available, rapidly deployable solution into a fully customized website. The Evrone team continues to provide technical support, allowing editors and authors to focus on content quality. Reach out to us if you want to know how to create the plugins for WordPress CMS or if you need portal development for a media or CMS customization services.

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