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Interface Design and Branding for an AI Editor

Our design team created the UI design and branding for a text editor integrated with an artificial intelligence-based chatbot.

July 2024
spqs logo

Our client is developing an AI-based service that helps editors handle textual content and boosts their productivity. The service can assist in creating product descriptions for marketplaces, planning travel routes, or organizing patient data for private medical clinics.

The client approached our design team with a request for the interface design and corporate identity for their service. The project is protected by an NDA, so we cannot disclose the client's company name.

spqs interface
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spq like a pro

Text Editor

At the core of the service is an AI-powered text editor that helps create and share texts within a team. The editor aids in articulating thoughts, organizing information, and optimizing time spent on text creation.

The interface is implemented as a chatbot. You can enter a headline, and the service will write a complete article on the given topic. If additional information needs to be added to the text, you can communicate it to the bot, which will then formulate the material to be included in the text.

spqs ai bot
logo iconsdrafts
team & folders
folders & new folder


Orange was chosen as the primary color, symbolizing authority, power, strength, and intellect. The logo consists of punctuation marks, reflecting the service's functions and evoking associations with editing and machine learning.

Standard fonts were used—Times New Roman for headlines and main text and Arial Unicode for the interface and icons.

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spqs branding
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