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From supermarket shelves to your doorstep in 90 minutes

iGooods - is a service for delivery of goods from your favorite store to your home or the office.

December 2019

The challenge

Why go to the supermarket when iGooods can bring the supermarket to you? iGooods is transforming grocery shopping in St. Petersburg: bringing together customers, in-store staff and couriers to deliver your regular shopping right to your door, in as little as 90 minutes.

The solution

Across desktop and mobile, at home, in the office, in-store, and on the road, we’ve developed a complete solution that keeps each part of iGooods operating smoothly. Here’s how it works:

  • Customers select their favourite stores and begin shopping
  • After filling their carts, they check out and receive an estimated delivery time
  • Picking & packing staff prepare the orders in-store
  • Couriers collect the shopping and deliver them directly to the customers

Our responsive web app provides bespoke interfaces for customers, store operators, picking, and delivery staff, giving the information and tools they need, when they need them.

food delivery app designs
food delivery app example

For customers

iGooods is an easy-to-use shopping platform which allows customers to shop at their favourite supermarkets, right from the comfort of their desktop or mobile device. Install the Android or iOS apps, or start shopping from the iGooods website, and you’re ready to go: select a store, fill your basket, and check out — leaving any notes for the packing or delivery staff if you need to.

Then, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your shopping to arrive — or get just get on with your day. Delivery tracking with SMS notifications means you’ll always know when to expect your groceries, and an in-built feedback system is right there if you need to get in touch with the store — even if it’s just to tell them how great the service was!

For store operators

We’ve developed a suite of tools for iGooods store operators: catalogue management, staff scheduling, feedback management, and reporting tools, all brought together into a single responsive web app that can be easily accessed from both desktop and mobile devices.

igooods app interface

For picking & packing staff

Deployed with a mobile point-of-sale (POS) terminal and a Bluetooth barcode scanner, picking and packing staff have access to everything they need to prepare and process customer orders through the easy-to-use mobile web interface we developed for iGooods, optimised for iOS and Android-based terminals.

For couriers

For delivery teams, we developed a logistics management and tracking system, complete with route-finding, change alerts, and customer feedback, into a straightforward web-based interface that couriers can access from their iOS and Android devices.

courier service app image
delivery service icons
food delivery service applicationfood delivery service application image

User experience & design

Our user experience team worked closely with the client to research the user groups and develop the iGooods experience, iterating from concept to delivery to ensure that customers and staff get an iGooods which is streamlined and tailored to their exact needs.

Removing friction

We wanted it to be as easy as possible for customers to get started with iGooods and receive their first delivery, so we optimised the customer flow to remove unnecessary barriers and friction. There’s no upfront user account registration, so customers can dive straight in and start shopping from their favourite supermarket right away.

igoogs imageigooods image
igoods app image

Resolving uncertainty

We know customers don’t always end up buying the products they initially put in their baskets: we like the freedom to change our minds before we head to the checkout. Perhaps this one is better value, but this one tastes better — iGooods can’t make the choices for you, but it does make it easy for customers to make substitutions before placing their orders. When editing the shopping basket, iGooods will automatically present available equivalents to products, making it easy for them to get the best deals — or treat themselves!

Reassuring customers

Because iGooods was developed as an end-to-end system, customers can track the progress of their order. Through picking, packing, and delivery, customers can see exactly where their order is at any stage in the process, complete with estimated arrival times, SMS updates and courier tracking.

igooods developers
Our development philosophy

We aim to be at the forefront of new technologies, to continually develop and refine our skills, and to create things that are truly unique and special for our clients.

We are satisfied with the level and quality of the product obtained as a result of a long-term project with We received a system that meets our high requirements.
Gregory Kunis
CEO, — Food delivery services
Thanks to the, we were able to implement supposed technological chain. Tasks were accomplished clearly, and there weren’t any misunderstandings between us throughout the whole cooperation.
Andrei Rodin
Project leader, — Food delivery services
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