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Evrone CEO Speaks at HighLoad++ 2023 Conference

January 2024

On November 27th, Oleg Balbekov, co-founder and CEO of Evrone, delivered a speech at the HighLoad++ conference. His presentation, intriguingly titled "The (Un)successful Experiment in Cultivating an Open Source Culture," attracted developers, team leaders, and development managers.

A few years ago, inspired by the successes of Open Source and how we care for our employees, I decided to conduct an experiment. What if we support developers in their endeavors? This presentation is about what I intended to do, what actually happened, and what didn’t go as expected.
balbekov Oleg Balbekov, CEO, Evrone

Oleg discussed how Evrone began supporting developers' open initiatives, the amount of resources invested, and the outcomes. Evrone funds personal time for working on Open Source projects, assists with design and websites for pet projects, and promotes them through their in-house editorial team, including on paid platforms. Over five years, the company has created 80 Open Source projects, six of which are major. Together, these projects have amassed over 17,500 stars on GitHub.

Evrone regularly participates in the Highload++ conference. In 2022, we presented a talk on generics in Go, and our developer's project, dotenv-linter, won at the open source tribune, with its author also speaking at Crocus Expo. In 2021, our DevRel, who prepares all speakers, presented at the conference on managing Ruby and Python under high loads.

We also always organize a booth at the exhibition with various activities for developers. After all, a conference is not just about complex presentations but also about informal interactions and making new connections. We distribute stickers, keychains, and merchandise to all interested, and quiz participants receive much more valuable gifts. This year, the luckiest attendee received a PlayStation 5.

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