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Social Media App Development Company

Evrone stands out as a proficient social media app development company. Our extensive experience is reflected in our portfolio, which encompasses over 200 web projects, each meticulously crafted to cater to diverse needs. From crafting engaging platforms for friends and families to connect, to developing robust solutions for business networking, we've honed our expertise in social network app development.

Key Features

01 User Profile Setup Initiating a strategy rooted in user focus, a social networking app development company typically begins by crafting a user-centric profile interface. Evrone ensures that users can seamlessly build and personalize their profiles, establishing the first touchpoint for connections and interactions
02 Incorporating Maps We integrate maps to enhance user experience, enabling them to explore and connect based on geographical locations, which is particularly beneficial for dating and business applications
03 Uploading and Sharing Media Our proficiency in social network app development guarantees seamless uploading and sharing of images, videos, and various content by users, thereby nurturing relationships and interactive exchanges
04 Push Notification Integration To keep users connected and informed, we implement real-time notifications, ensuring consistent user engagement and satisfaction
05 Real-Time Messaging We facilitate instant communication through chat and messaging features, a critical aspect of fostering connections among friends, families, and business relations
06 Editing Images and Videos Our solutions include intuitive tools to edit and tailor media, allowing users to add a personal touch to their shared content
07 Integration with Social Media APIs Evrone ensures seamless integration with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, enhancing the project’s reach and functionality
08 Voice-Activated Search We leverage cutting-edge technology to introduce voice-activated searches, streamlining user experience and interactions
09 Live Broadcasting From real-time video sharing on platforms akin to Instagram to corporate webinars, we incorporate live broadcasting features to keep your target audience engaged
10 Augmented Reality (AR) Filters AR filters are an indispensable part of media app development, offering interactive and personalized user experiences
11 Customized Content Feeds Our expertise ensures that users receive personalized content feeds tailored to their preferences, thereby boosting engagement and ROI
12 Higher ROI Through careful planning, tracking, and analysis, we aim to generate higher returns on investment for our clients
13 Staying Connected Ultimately, our focus is on developing solutions that keep users connected, fostering communities and ensuring long-lasting relationships

By meticulously integrating these features, Evrone crafts social media projects that not only meet industry standards but also resonate with the end-users' expectations.

Our Social Media App Development Services

Custom Social Networking Apps Development Evrone specializes in creating bespoke networking applications. Tailoring the solution to align with client needs, we build platforms that enhance interactions among friends, families, or business circles.
Social Network Consulting & Analysis Our team provides in-depth consulting, aiding startups and enterprises in understanding their target audience and industry. By conducting meticulous analysis, we map out personalized solutions to maximize user engagement and ROI.
Messaging Apps Recognizing the power of real-time communication, we develop robust messaging solutions, allowing users to connect and interact seamlessly through chat and personalized notifications.
Social Gaming App Development Evrone excels in social network app development geared towards games. We create interactive gaming hubs where users can compete, share feedback, and build relationships.
Image & Video Sharing We develop platforms that simplify media sharing, offering features akin to Instagram, ensuring a vibrant user experience through image and video uploads, edits, and real-time sharing.
Mobile Dating Apps Our team crafts innovative mobile dating apps, allowing users to connect based on preferences, location, and mutual interests. We ensure confidentiality and a personalized experience.
Contest Apps Understanding the power of sweepstakes and contests in generating leads, Evrone creates engaging contest apps that amplify user participation and brand relationships.
Online Polling & Reviews We develop solutions that facilitate online polling and garner reviews, offering enterprises insightful feedback and analysis to refine their offerings further.

Features Our Clients Can Expect

  • Feed of Updates

Evrone ensures that your social network app development encompasses a dynamic feed of updates, keeping users engaged with real-time content from their connections and interests.

  • Sharing Stories

Users can craft and share captivating stories, seamlessly integrating images, videos, and text. Our solutions facilitate story creation and sharing, akin to popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

  • Tagging with Hashtags

We enable users to categorize and discover content through hashtags, thereby enhancing the reach and engagement of posts while ensuring users can seamlessly connect over shared interests.

  • Enhancing with Filters and Emojis

Our media app development includes an array of filters and emojis, allowing users to personalize and enliven their content, fostering interactive and enjoyable experiences.

  • Broadcasting Live

We empower users to broadcast live videos, ensuring real-time interaction and engagement with their audience. This feature proves invaluable for influencers, corporate communications, and casual users alike.

  • Voice Capture

Our solutions come equipped with voice capture technology, allowing users to record and share voice messages, thereby offering a more personal touch to their interactions.

  • Connecting Profiles

Evrone ensures that users can effortlessly connect profiles with friends, family, or business associates, thus facilitating the creation of a tightly-knit community within the app.

  • Instant Notifications

To keep users promptly informed and engaged, we integrate real-time notifications for messages, updates, and interactions. Instant alerts ensure that users remain connected and active.

By choosing Evrone as your social networking app development company, clients are assured of a solution that is not just a technological product but a comprehensive solution meticulously crafted to enhance user interactions, engagement, and satisfaction. We focus on delivering an experience that resonates with your target audience while simultaneously driving your brand's growth and presence.

Steps for Building Your Social Media App
Customer Request
Clients approach us with a concept
Defining All System Requirements
Evrone diligently analyzes your vision, transforming it into a detailed plan that outlines the system requirements. We ensure the final product aligns perfectly with your goals
Development-Ready Specs, Time & Cost Estimates
We provide clients with detailed specs, clear timelines, and accurate cost estimates ensuring transparency and precision
Frontend/Backend Development
Our expert developers craft a robust and visually appealing solution, ensuring seamless functionality across all platforms
QA and Testing
Evrone conducts meticulous QA and testing, ensuring your project is free of bugs and optimized for launch
We deliver a polished, ready-to-launch solution
After-Release Support
Evrone offers continuous support post-launch, ensuring your project's sustained success

Our comprehensive approach guarantees a tailored solution that resonates with your audience. Reach out to us and let's build something exceptional together!

Tools & Technologies for Social Media App Creation

We consistently stay ahead in the technology curve to deliver top-notch solutions. Our commitment to using the latest tools and technologies ensures that we create solutions that are innovative, robust, and highly efficient.

Why choose us?

Evrone has been a beacon of innovation and reliability in the digital realm for over 15 years. With a foundation deeply rooted in quality, expertise, and client satisfaction, we pride ourselves on our adept team of professionals who bring their comprehensive and complex delivery experience to every project.

Having successfully completed more than 2000 projects for over 100 clients worldwide, our extensive portfolio is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our journey spans across varied industries and niches, and each endeavor is marked by our unique approach that marries software lifecycle predictability with cost-saving measures. This combination ensures that our clients always receive high-value solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Our focus on social media app development is unswerving. We strive to create interactive, user-centric platforms that foster connections and facilitate seamless communication. Our approach is holistic, wherein we seek to understand the unique needs of each client and then tailor our solutions to provide maximum engagement and returns.

The benefits of partnering with Evrone go beyond just the development process. We ensure that our wealth of experience translates into a smooth, predictable, and cost-effective journey for our clients, from the conception of an idea to its successful execution and beyond. Choosing Evrone means opting for a partnership that values quality, expertise, and your success above all.

Client stories
I learned a lot in the past year, working with to explore using new cross-platform frameworks like Flutter (including contributing an audio recording module to the community), design language, and flows. We decided to use a Firebase backend with Google’s speech recognition API. The Evrone team introduced me to a broad swath of design tools and process like Trello, Zeplin, Loom, Marvel, InVision, and more.
David E. Weekly
Founder & CEO, — App to record & share doctor chats
medcorder joined the project just before the deadline was around the corner. We had only 4 months for develop the product that was just listed on a separate papers. Engineering team boosted development quickly and participated actively in improvements of mobile app. As a result — the product has been released in time with all functionalities onboard. We are happy to continue our cooperation.
Olga Eremenko
CEO, — Blockchain-based medical platform
We love Vexor and use it for our open source projects on GitHub. We appreciate the platform as it allows us to build tools and we also enjoy the new container infrastructure for speedier builds.
Anton Mozgovoy
CTO, — Blockchain platform and mobile financial app


How would you define social media app development?
It refers to the process of designing and creating interactive platforms that allow users to connect, share content, and engage in online communities.
Can you highlight the benefits of developing a social media app?
Developing a social media app offers numerous advantages such as enhanced brand visibility, increased user engagement, direct communication channels with customers, and potential revenue generation through ads and promotions.
What kind of expenses can one anticipate when developing a social media app?
The cost can vary widely based on its complexity, features, and the technologies used. It's best to consult directly for a tailored estimate.
Which steps do you typically follow to create a social media app?
The process generally starts with understanding the customer's request, defining system requirements, creating development-ready specifications, progressing through frontend/backend development, followed by QA, testing, and finally, delivery.
Why should someone choose Evrone for their social media app development needs?
Evrone stands out due to its dedicated team of professionals, vast experience with over 2000 completed projects, software lifecycle predictability, cost-saving approaches, and unwavering focus on quality and expertise.
How do you ensure the confidentiality of a client's app idea?
Evrone places paramount importance on client trust. We routinely enter into non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and implement strict data protection measures to safeguard your app concept's confidentiality.
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