Tardis Fund

UI & product design for a blockchain platform

TARDIS is a blockchain platform built for the next generation of traders and investors. Its open, clear and serious style is a reference to the finance industry and the future. The flexible visual system is displayed in different forms such as the physical objects, 3D space, outdoor advertising, digital environment, and animation.

The inverted T wraps up two themes — firstly, a turn, as an image of the novelty, and secondly, the axes of coordinates as a symbol of evolving financial markets. A series of dynamic abstract illustrations refers to the financial reports, while the cosmic gradient complements the strict graphics and brings on the futuristic spirit.

Tardis Fund
Tardis Fund blockchain platform
Tardis blockchain platform
Tardis Fund elementsTardis Fund elements 1
Tardis Fund picture 1
Tardis Fund mobile
blockchain platform example
Review from Clutch.co
While the brand has yet to launch, Evrone.com met all requirements. They delivered high-quality products on time at excellent value. Customers can expect a highly professional and diligent team with in-depth knowledge and a penchant for creative solutions.
Igor Pentsak
Founder, Tardis Fund — Blockchain platform
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