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What makes hiring remote Python developers a good choice for your project?

We’ll show you the pros and cons of different models of hiring Python developers, as well as the skills you should look for, whether you hire in-house programmers, freelancers, or choose experts from an outsourcing company.

April 2024

Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language, designed to increase developer productivity and code readability. Its kernel syntax is minimalistic. But, at the same time, its standard library includes a large number of valuable features

The most significant design features are full introspection, an exception handling mechanism, support for multi-threaded computing, dynamic typing, automatic memory management, and high-level data structures.

At the moment, Python is one of the most popular and actively developing programming languages in the world.

The advantages of using Python for a commercial project

  • Third Party Modules. The Python Package Index has many different third-party modules that can elevate the language and make it suitable for a variety of tasks.
  • Standard Library. Python’s standard lib is enormous. It includes string operators, web tools, internet protocols, and operation systems interfaces. A lot of programming things are included in the standard library, reducing the length of code.
  • Easy to Use Data Structures. Python allows the construction of fast runtime data structures. It also has a dynamic high-level data typing feature, which reduces the length of support code needed.
  • Productivity and Performance. Python has pure OOP design, wide process control capabilities, and strong integration and text processing features. All these features, along with its own unit testing framework, really increase its performance. Python is a great choice for creating complex, multi-protocol web applications.

What can Python be used for?

Python is a powerful, universal tool, and it can be used for the creation of a variety of products, solutions, apps, etc., including:

  • Games
  • Scientific apps
  • Design and image processing solutions
  • Web apps, including frameworks
  • Enterprise and business applications
  • Enterprise-level solutions
  • AI and ML-related systems
  • Big data processing

Developers can even use Python to build entire operating systems and new programming languages.

Skills and responsibilities of a Python developer

When you hire a team of Python developers, you should look for specific skills that an experienced Python programmer should have.


  • Obviously, a good understanding of the main tool is a must. However, Python is a very broad technology, and it can be used for many things. There’s no need to know every module, but an experienced Python programmer should, for example, understand Python data structures and know the differences between Python 2 and 3.

Python frameworks

  • As with every language, frameworks can make the coder’s job much easier. A good programmer will know, for example, that Django is a great option for web-apps.

ORM libs

  • Proper use of Object Relational Mapper libraries, like Django ORM, is much better than creating SQL. This technology also has to be mastered.

Basic frontend skills

  • Even the backender has to understand how everything is being done “on the front.”

Data science

  • This is not a “must” in every situation. Despite the fact that data scientists and big data engineers have become very popular these days, the technology usage is quite narrow. But if the project needs these skills, the developer has to have them as well.

Machine Learning and AI

  • Python is one of the most popular languages for artificial intelligence and machine learning developments. However, as you know, there is a huge difference between creating a standard web-app and creating artificial intelligence. Python is a great solution for either of these tasks, but you will need to hire Python developers with the appropriate skills for your individual project.

Python development tools or Python toolkit

As we’ve already mentioned, Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. So, it has its own IDEs and is supported by all general-purpose editors. Some of the most popular are PyCharm, PyStudio, PyCard, PCode, Visual Python, Spyder, IDLE… we could keep going, but it would take awhile. You get the idea, though, that everyone can use the tools they prefer.

The Python developer’s toolkit includes:

  • PTK (PythonToolKit) - an interactive environment for Python. It was originally designed to provide a Python-based environment for scientists and engineers when used with the numpy, scipy and matplotlib python packages. Nevertheless, it can also be used as a general-purpose, interactive python environment, especially for interactive GUI programming.
  • PyGTK - a set of Python bindings for the GTK + GUI library. PyQt - a Python version of a cross-platform framework for developing software.
  • BeeWare - a toolbox to help develop and debug software in Python.

Each can be used to carry out small tasks and all can be used both simultaneously and separately to implement large projects in Python.

Benefits of outsourcing Python developers from Evrone

You have a few different options if you need to hire python programmers. You can hire an in-house Python developer or hire a remote python developer, but either way, a single programmer won’t be able to do much for you. To achieve any real results, you will need to hire a Python development team. However, hiring a whole development team can be a massive hit to your budget. You’ll have to pay for additional workspace, salaries, and taxes. Even if these extra expenses fit within your budget, there’s no way to determine beforehand whether the individual developers will work well together as a team.

The best option is to outsource an established team of Python developers. When you partner with Evrone, you gain access to a full team of Python experts who guarantee results.

Our experience with Python

Evrone is a development company with offices in the biggest IT cities in the world: San Francisco, Berlin, and Moscow. Our team consists of over 100 professionals from all IT-related fields.

One of our latest Python projects was Humaniq, a mobile financial app for illiterate users from remote regions.

We also organized a successful Machine Learning meetup, featuring several expert speakers.

Evrone hiring process & engagement model

Every client’s project is unique, so we’ll take your individual needs into consideration when assembling your Python team.

We’ll start by discussing your business idea or technical task with you. If you don’t have any solid plans yet, don’t worry. We have skilled business analysts, project managers, and technical writers who can help you develop your ideas.

Evrone uses the Agile approach to software development. To put it simply, we’ll be in constant communication and keep you up-to-date on what’s being done, why it’s being done, and what advantages it will bring to your project. We’ll make sure you understand the plans for your project, even if you're not tech

Our hiring process consists of:

Python development team structure

Software development requires professionals with a variety of skills. So, your team may consist of frontend and backend developers, testers, analysts, devops engineers, and designers. If your team includes more than two people, they will be led by a project manager.

In general, the development process consists of planning, analysis, design, development, and quality assurance phases. Some of these phases may require different specialists. Each phase includes planning, an initial big meeting, daily meetings, and a demo. Your team will carry out the meetings internally, then bring you in for the demo phase. Release management procedures may be adjusted to meet your needs, but in most cases, we insist on per-iteration releases.

Cost of Python development

You’re probably wondering how much Python developers cost. We’ve already mentioned how expensive it can be to bring on a full team of in-house Python developers. Fortunately, when you partner with Evrone, you get all the benefits of a full team, for a much more reasonable price. If you assemble your own team, your overhead will go up substantially, with no promise that your project will even be completed. With Evrone, you know that you are paying for guaranteed results that meet or exceed your expectations.

So, if you want to bring your project to life, without the hassle and expense of hiring your own in-house team, Evrone is here to help. Let us know how we can contact you, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your project needs. developed a web-based platform that allows users to connect, ask and answer questions, and integrate with social media. Users are giving positive feedback and are happy with the process of getting involved. 
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