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Creating a Telegram sticker pack for brand advertising

Read how we created custom stickers for IT meetups and conferences and how it helped us promote the Evrone brand and further our marketing and hiring goals. If you want to advertise in developer-to-developer communities, we can help.

May 2021

Evrone is engaged, not only in the development of applications and digital services, but also in the promotion of web & mobile development in the community. We are active in the programming communities for developers and hold thematic MetaConf meetups and RubyRussia, the largest Ruby conference in Russia.

Our specialists are often invited to speak at major technology conferences, such as Highload, TeamLeadConf, and others. We not only speak and perform at them, we also present our services at advertising stands, and, in order to leave a lasting, positive impression of our company, we hold contests and quizzes with different prizes and gifts. One such prize is Evrone Stickers, a set of colorful stickers with jokes and sayings about the development industry and the digital sphere, which we designed as a coding community promotion.

Add the stickers to your Telegram messenger using this link!

The Task: To promote the Evrone brand

We organize our own events and participate in other companies’ events to advertise our services and HR brand. At each event, we look for potential clients and developers for Evrone. Therefore, we decided to create a set of stickers for promotional purposes, to advertise in developer-to-developer communities. Stickers are very popular in the IT community, since they can be affixed to laptops, and they are sometimes worn or displayed for a very long time. For us, it looked like an opportunity to "rent" an advertising space for a very small budget and build brand awareness.

We planned to distribute these stickers at five different events and wanted them to be united by a common concept, since the audiences of the events overlapped. Thus, we wanted to enhance the effect through a pack of stickers, so that a visitor to several events could assemble a complete collection.

Evrone branding sticker pack

The Solution: A set of conventional and digital stickers, united by a common idea

For each event, the Evrone design team created a set of 6-8 stickers, which were united by a common idea, making it possible to assemble the sets into one pack and turn them into a digital pack of stickers for the Telegram messenger.

We did not have any particular restrictions, and this was both an advantage and a drawback for the creator of the sticker pack. On the one hand, they could use any visual style and implement any ideas. On the other hand, with this much freedom, it would be easy to get lost in ideas and make boring stickers that no one would like. Therefore, we tried to maintain the same visual style for all stickers.

In addition, we tried to make them universal, so that not only developers but also specialists from related industries and other people from the digital sphere could use them.

Work on each set began with a dive into the topic. Our designer contacted the organizers, studied the specifics of the upcoming event, and formulated 10-12 initial ideas. A mood board was invented for each of them, so that, at the initial stage, it was clear how they would complement each other.

After that, each sticker was supplemented with a text part - a local meme, a wordplay, or a joke. Here, we tried to strike a balance between proximity in meaning to the topic and accessibility. After that, the unsuccessful ideas were weeded out, and the remaining ones were finalized to make a coherent set.

It took the design team about three days to create a set of 6-8 illustrations for each event, and the total work time was two weeks.

Stickers for coders

The Result: Advertising our brand on the laptops of thousands of developers

In total, we have handed out over 16,000 stickers at events. They have become our trademark. Many people have their favorite stickers, and some fans, as we wanted, have even collected a whole set of stickers for themselves.

Thanks to this sticker pack, we were able to get a large number of mentions on social networks and also "settled" our brand on the laptops of thousands of developers. This means that, in the future, they are more likely to apply for our jobs or recommend us.

Upcoming plans are to promote the sticker pack in the Telegram messenger and update it for future events. Due to their offline popularity, we decided to digitize the stickers and create a sticker pack for Telegram, so that people could use them outside of events and increase the promotional effect. To promote the digital sticker pack, we created a design landing page with a presentation and a “download stickers” link.

If you are looking for a design team that will help you find an unusual or creative solution to promote your products or services, like using digital stickers as a marketing tool, enter your contact info in the field below, and we will be in touch with you soon.

Thanks to this sticker pack, we were able to get a large number of mentions on social networks and also "settled" our brand on the laptops of thousands of developers. This means that, in the future, they are more likely to apply for our jobs or recommend us.
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