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Why Hire a Technical Writer?

A technical writer is a specialist who explains complex technical concepts in an easy, clear, and understandable way. In this article, we will explain the role of a technical writer, explore the various types of documents and texts they create, and how hiring one can help your project become more profitable.

February 2024

From user manuals that users actually want to read to API documentation that developers rely on, technical writers make information available and easy to read. Join us to learn why it is worth investing in a technical writer and how this can bring success to your project!

Why Does a Company Need a Technical Writer?

Imagine a world where product manuals read like engaging stories, where API documentation is like a light in the dark for developers, and where policy descriptions are not just documents but navigational tools. This is the world technical writers create here, the information is not a barrier but a bridge to understanding and action.

Technical writers craft a language that speaks directly to the needs and comprehension levels of diverse audiences, from the tech-savvy developers to the first-time software users. By doing so, they can improve how teams within your company collaborate and how you communicate your vision and value to the world outside. 

In the ecosystems of IT projects, misunderstandings can lead to errors, delays, and wasted resources. By transforming complex concepts into clear, actionable instructions or insights, technical writers help to avoid these pitfalls. This not only saves you time but also considerable amounts of money that might otherwise be spent rectifying avoidable mistakes.

Who Is a Technical Writer?

Qualifications for a technical writer include a blend of education in English, communication & technical subjects such as computer science, engineering, or information technology. Practical experience in a technical field can be just as valuable, as it provides the knowledge that serves as a basis for effective technical communication.

In addition to writing skills and technical familiarity, a technical writer must also be able to coordinate with subject experts, and revise documents in response to feedback and updates. It is really important to distinguish between a subject expert and a technical writer. While a subject expert has a deep knowledge and understanding of the technical topic, they might lack the communication & writing skills to describe it in an easy way, and a technical writer knows exactly how to share that knowledge with the world effectively. They translate the subject expert's expertise into formats that are accessible and engaging across various platforms, from written manuals to presentations and more.

What Kind of Content Do Technical Writers Create?

They mainly focus on creating technical specifications, user manuals, guides, and documents that transform product specifications into understandable, step-by-step instructions for users. Also, they can create API documentation, a tool for developers that outlines how to utilize software interfaces.

Apart from manuals and APIs, technical writers are responsible for crafting detailed business requirement documents. These documents are foundational for project planning, as they outline the necessary specifications and expectations to guide development. This process often involves close collaboration with stakeholders to accurately capture and articulate the needs.

technical writer content

Another area of responsibility is the development of online help systems and FAQs, which provide immediate support to users & help to reduce support tickets and improve customer satisfaction. Technical writers also play a key role in the creation of release notes and change logs, which are critical in communicating updates, enhancements, and fixes within software releases.

The Toolbox

The technical writer often uses platforms like Slack for communication, JIRA for project management, Google Docs for collaborative writing, Confluence for knowledge sharing, and GitLab for issue tracking and version control. These tools facilitate the collaboration, management, and delivery of technical content and enable writers to maintain accuracy, consistency, and timeliness across all documentation.

Industries Technical Writers Serve

  • Information Technology: Creating user guides, API documentation, and system manuals to support software and hardware products.

  • Finance: Writing clear regulatory documentation, policy manuals, and customer service guides to navigate complex financial products.

  • Healthcare: Developing patient instructions, medical device manuals, and regulatory compliance documents.

  • Manufacturing: Producing instructions, safety protocols, and product specifications.

  • Education: Creating e-learning content, training modules, and educational materials to support learning technologies and methodologies.

  • Energy: Documenting procedures, compliance standards, and technical specifications for renewable and non-renewable energy sectors.

  • Telecommunications: Creating installation manuals, troubleshooting guides, and service documentation to support network infrastructure and consumer electronics.

  • Aerospace: Generating maintenance manuals, flight operation guidelines, and technical reports that adhere to strict industry standards.

  • Government: Writing policy documents, standard operating procedures, and public service announcements for clarity and public engagement.

  • Consumer Electronics: Producing user-friendly guides, quick start manuals, and online help resources for various gadgets and devices.

The Business Impact

Incorporating a technical writer into your team is an investment that can contribute to your company's revenue and efficiency. Here's how:

  • Reduce Customer Support Costs: Clear, accessible documentation can drastically reduce the volume of customer support queries and allow your company to allocate resources more effectively.

  • Enhance User Satisfaction and Retention: Well-crafted manuals help documents improve user experience and lead to higher satisfaction rates and positive reviews.

  • Boost Product Adoption: Effective communication materials can speed up the adoption rate of your products or services and make your sales cycles faster.

  • Avoid Legal Issues: Accurate documentation helps in mitigating legal risks associated with misinterpretation or misuse of products, potentially saving significant amounts in legal fees and settlements.

  • Improve Efficiency: Internal documentation, such as SOPs and training materials, can help you reduce onboarding time and improve employee productivity.

Success Stories

Case Study 1: Knowledge Base for a GPU Computing Infrastructure Provider

A GPU computing infrastructure provider engaged our technical writer to facilitate their technical support team's processes and share accumulated expertise. Our specialist reviewed the services and equipment offered, audited user requests, and created a knowledge base populated with helpful instructions addressing common questions. Additionally, a content plan was crafted to publish numerous articles and step-by-step guides on topics such as generative neural networks, GPU monitoring setup, and calculation acceleration for the company's clients. Currently, we are working to launch the knowledge base and enhance user experience.

I advise our client on various applications that do not always work correctly. Also, I create knowledge bases and content plans. There are many tasks that require a lot of practical approach  I check various use cases and write about them. This is a very interesting job that matches my background!
Why Hire a Technical Writer? 3 Nikolai Rubanov Technical Writer, Evrone

Case Study 2: Reducing Support Calls in a Tech Startup

One of our clients, a tech startup that specializes in project management software, was experiencing a surge in customer support calls, primarily due to users struggling with the software's complex features. The company decided to bring in a technical writer to revamp their online help documentation. The new materials our technical writer created broke down complex functionalities into easy-to-understand steps accompanied by visuals. Within months, there was a 40% decrease in support calls, which allowed the company to redirect resources toward product development and market expansion.

Would you like to become the next success story? Reach out to us right now!


To sum up, we can say that technical writers are the architects of clarity. Their ability to translate technical jargon into clear, user-friendly language is invaluable in fostering better engagement with products and services.

We invite you to reach out and discover how our technical writing services can integrate into your operations, bringing about a notable return on investment and propelling your projects to new heights. Contact us today to explore how our skilled technical writers can transform your complex information into clear and impactful communication.

My role is to make the complex understandable. By crafting detailed specifications, guides and clear installation instructions, I directly contribute to smoothing our clients' software integration processes and accelerating developer adoption.
Elizabeth Lvova
Technical Writer, Evrone
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