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Evrone CTO Speaks at VK Cloud Conference on K8s

Alexander Kirillov spoke at the VK Cloud Conference about Kubernetes, sharing insights on IDP solutions and GitOps practices. The event highlighted Kubernetes application scenarios, including data management and ML, with Evrone also engaging in community development through student conferences and internships.

April 2024

Evrone's Chief Technology Officer, Alexander Kirillov, presented at the VK Conf dedicated to Kubernetes. The event took place on March 28, 2024, at the VK head office.

Our CTO's presentation focused on Identity Provider (IDP). He discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both off-the-shelf and custom solutions, GitOps practices, and talked about how platforms can address the shortcomings of low-level abstractions amidst ever-increasing infrastructure requirements.

The conference primarily focused on Kubernetes application scenarios, which have been gaining momentum in recent years, including data management and machine learning. Many presentations addressed fault tolerance and disaster recovery, vulnerabilities of clusters, and methods to combat them.

In early March, we also made our mark at DevOpsConf 2024 in Skolkovo. Alexander Kirillov joined the program committee, moderated a discussion in the main hall, and closed the conference.

What is more, Evrone organized a student conference on DevOps at Voronezh State University. Our specialists introduced the basics of the approach and cases from practice, and the most active participants were offered the chance to participate in a paid internship at Evrone.

Speaking at such large-scale conferences is always a bit nerve-wracking, even if you have plenty of experience. But everything went well, and I was happy to see colleagues and discuss what's happening in the world of microservices.
Alexander Kirillov
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