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UI/UX Design Services

As a leading UI/UX design services company, Evrone has the expertise and industry experience to create seamless user experiences. Our team of skilled designers and engineers is dedicated to crafting captivating interfaces that resonate with end users. Elevate your digital products and gain a competitive edge with our bespoke UI and UX services.

Clients around the world trust our firm because we understand that each project is unique and comes with its own set of challenges and requirements. So we focus on thorough analyses and close collaborations with clients to develop tailored solutions that align with their goals. From color schemes and typography to wireframes and prototypes, we take a meticulous approach to every aspect of the design process.

But our commitment to excellence extends beyond aesthetics. We also recognize the importance of usability and positive user experiences, so we conduct rigorous testing to ensure that our designs both look and perform great. As a result, our interactive, intuitive interfaces genuinely engage users and provide them with an unforgettable experience. 

Using an iterative process of mockups, prototypes, and animations, we refine our projects until they meet our exceptionally high standards and our client’s requirements. Leveraging our knowledge of cutting-edge techniques and graphic design expertise, we help our clients visualize their product ideas and bring them to life.

UI & UX design solutions we offer

We offer a wide range of UI/UX design and development services to cater to each project’s unique requirements, including:

AR Experience

Bring virtual elements into the real world through innovative and cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology for an interactive, immersive experience.

Mobile App UX and UI Services

We optimize the mobile app user experience through intuitive, visually appealing interfaces with seamless navigation, efficient information architecture, and engaging interactions.

UI/UX for Cross-Platform Apps

We specialize in developing cross-platform solutions that perform seamlessly and deliver a quality experience across multiple devices.

Desktop App UI Design and Development

Our user-friendly, visually appealing desktop applications emphasize efficient workflow, intuitive navigation, and optimal use of screen real estate to enhance productivity and satisfaction.

Wireframing & Prototyping

We create detailed wireframes and interactive prototypes before diving into full-scale development, allowing our clients to visualize the final product and make informed decisions early in the process.

Product Conceptualization

We collaborate closely with our clients to help them refine their product ideas, conduct market research, and develop a clear vision and strategy for their digital solutions.

Software Redesign

Our experts can revitalize your current solution, improving the look, feel, and functionality. We’ll analyze user feedback, conduct usability audits, and propose comprehensive redesign solutions to enhance usability and visual appeal.

Technical Design

We leverage our technical expertise to seamlessly integrate elements into the software architecture, bridging the gap between design and development and ensuring effective implementation and optimal performance.

UI & UX Consulting

We also offer professional guidance and consultations on best practices, strategies, and industry trends, helping our clients define their project goals, establish guidelines, and optimize the experience.

Usability Testing

We analyze feedback and behavior to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency.

Accessibility Audit

We conduct accessibility audits to ensure the highest level of compliance, enabling all users to access and enjoy our digital products.

UX Strategy

We develop a comprehensive outline of the UX vision, research plans, and iterative processes to help businesses align their design decisions with both their goals and their users’ needs.

Our UI & UX design process
Our established, efficient process ensures life cycle predictability and on-time, on-budget delivery:
Customer Request
We gather all relevant details and requirements to develop a full understanding of the project scope
Detailed Specs & Cost Estimates
We create detailed specs and provide an in-depth, transparent quote outlining the project scope, timeline, and cost estimates
Prototyping and UX/UI Design
We build prototypes and mockups to provide a complete and accurate visual representation of the final product
Frontend & Backend Development
Our process includes both frontend and backend development, ensuring a cohesive, high-quality final product
QA & Testing
We conduct thorough testing to uncover and eliminate any bugs and ensure a fully functional product
Once the product has passed all testing and quality assurance checks, we deliver the final solution to the customer
We also provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that the product remains secure, fully functional, and up to date

Technology Stack

We leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver exceptional digital experiences. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of transformative technologies, including:

About Us

Thanks to our 15+ years of experience and team of highly skilled professionals, Evrone has developed an industry reputation for delivering exceptional solutions. We have a proven track record of over 2,000 successfully completed projects for more than 100 clients worldwide. 

We are dedicated to creating captivating digital experiences, and we leverage our team’s diverse range of skills and expertise to ensure that every project exceeds expectations. In addition, our experience and knowledge allow for accurate project planning, resource optimization, timely delivery, and software lifecycle predictability. And we utilize continuous communication and streamlined, established processes to keep our clients informed every step of the way.

When you partner with Evrone for your UI/UX needs, you can be confident that you’ll get a cost-effective solution that meets the highest quality standards. Our extensive portfolio showcases our complex delivery experience, and we’re ready to take on even the most challenging requirements. So let us transform your digital vision into reality.

Advantages of Evrone’s UI/UX design

When you choose Evrone for your needs, you gain a reliable, reputable partner that is invested in the success of your business. Here’s what sets our services apart:


Good Idea to Great Solution

At Evrone, we’ll take your good idea to the finish line, delivering a great solution. We work closely with each and every client to understand their vision, business goals, and target audience. Then our team turns those ideas and objectives into stunning designs that engage your users, drive conversions, and give you a competitive advantage

User-Centered Approach

Our user-centric process utilizes in-depth research and analysis to gain valuable insights into your target audience's needs, preferences, and behaviors. As a result, you get an intuitive, user-friendly design that delivers increased satisfaction and loyalty

Business Goals Alignment

Our UI/UX solutions aren’t just visually appealing — they are also strategically aligned with your business goals. We take into account conversion rates, user engagement, and customer retention to interfaces that both look stunning and drive business growth

Seamless User Experience

We employ information architecture, logical layout structures, and clear visual hierarchy to ensure effortless navigation and intuitive interactions, minimizing friction and maximizing engagement

Increased Conversions and ROI

We strive to optimize conversions and deliver a positive ROI through persuasive elements, effective calls to action, and intuitive flows, driving users toward desired actions

Continuous Improvement

We never stop improving, and we use iterative processes, testing, analytics, and feedback analysis to determine potential enhancements, ensuring an ever-evolving design that is consistently aligned with user expectations and industry trends

Client stories
I learned a lot in the past year, working with to explore using new cross-platform frameworks like Flutter (including contributing an audio recording module to the community), design language, and flows. We decided to use a Firebase backend with Google’s speech recognition API. The Evrone team introduced me to a broad swath of design tools and process like Trello, Zeplin, Loom, Marvel, InVision, and more.
David E. Weekly
Founder & CEO, — App to record & share doctor chats
medcorder developed a web-based platform that allows users to connect, ask and answer questions, and integrate with social media. Users are giving positive feedback and are happy with the process of getting involved. 
Erez Naveh
Co-Founder & VP,, Yallo
Revo Technologies thanks you for your cooperation. It has been a great pleasure to work with you on joint projects. We are grateful to your team for their professionalism, that they take their job seriously and strive to achieve quality results without breaking deadlines.
Evgeniy Fokin
CIO, — Fintech company joined the project just before the deadline was around the corner. We had only 4 months for develop the product that was just listed on a separate papers. Engineering team boosted development quickly and participated actively in improvements of mobile app. As a result — the product has been released in time with all functionalities onboard. We are happy to continue our cooperation.
Olga Eremenko
CEO, — Blockchain-based medical platform
We love Vexor and use it for our open source projects on GitHub. We appreciate the platform as it allows us to build tools and we also enjoy the new container infrastructure for speedier builds.
Anton Mozgovoy
CTO, — Blockchain platform and mobile financial app

FAQ about UI/UX design

What is UI design?
It encompasses the visual and interactive elements of a digital product, including buttons, icons, menus, color schemes, typography, and overall aesthetics. The goal of effective UI design is the development of an interface that is visually appealing, intuitive to navigate, and aligned with the brand identity.
What is UX design?
It is the crafting of seamless, meaningful user interactions with a digital product. UX specialists employ user research, information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing to ensure that the product is efficient, and delivers value.
Why do you need UX/UI design?
It is a critical element of digital products, as it allows businesses to effectively meet the needs and expectations of their target audience. Quality UX/UI design delivers visual appeal and seamless usability, resulting in increased user satisfaction, engagement, and conversion rates.
Why are UX services important?
UX services are important because they ensure that your product satisfies user requirements and preferences. UX specialists utilize user research to identify areas for improvement, optimize the flow, and create intuitive interfaces, maximizing satisfaction, product usability, and customer loyalty.
How can UI services help your product?
They ensure the visual appeal and usability of your product. Skilled UI designers use color schemes, typography, and elements to communicate your brand's message effectively, and they can optimize the layout, organization, and placement of elements to create intuitive and engaging user interfaces.
How much does it cost to hire a UI/UX specialist?
The cost of hiring a UI/UX specialist for your project varies depending on their level of expertise, as well as the project scope, complexity, and duration. Pricing can be structured as an hourly rate, or project-based. A reputable UI/UX specialist or agency will take the time to understand your needs and provide a clear, detailed project quote.
Will the designer work exclusively on my project?
Depending on the agreement and scope of work, your UI/UX designer may work exclusively on your project, or they may work on multiple projects simultaneously. A good UI/UX agency or specialist will clearly lay out the project expectations and ensure ongoing communication and collaboration to make sure everyone is on the same page throughout the design and development process.
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